Dealing with Rejection

Dealing with Rejection-2

So the first month of college hasn’t even finished yet, and I’ve already had to deal with my first bout of rejection. I’m sure a lot of other college freshmen have dealt with rejection relationship-wise, but not for me.

As most of you know, the first month of school has a ton of clubs and organizations students can sign up for, and some of them even include recruitment or application to actually get into the club.

For me, I was interested in rushing for one of the co-ed fraternities at my school because I thought it would be really beneficial for my business career but I also just love the big-little mentorship they have. It seemed like a really close-knit community, which was why I was so excited about rushing for their chapter.

However, it was a competitive process. It consisted of an online application and 2 interviews. I made it to the final round, but was cut after that.

I’ve been through the rejection process with college applications my senior year of high school, and this was certainly that all over again, but on a somewhat lower scale. It was a blow to my gut because I’ve only been at school for three weeks, but I remembered some things that helped me cope with this rejection.

1. There will be other chances.

This is not the end of the world. I can rush again next quarter if I want to. I have other opportunities waiting for me – maybe I can even sign up for a different club.

2. It just wasn’t meant to be.

Honestly, this was pretty key in my coping process. I kind of have this weird belief that fate allows things happen or not happen. I just wasn’t the right fit for this fraternity, so it wasn’t meant to be. I am meant to be elsewhere.

3. Focus on other things for a while.

Since I got rejected from this fraternity, more time has opened up then I had initially planned. I can focus on other things for a while, like my (not so easy) fall quarter classes. Referring back to #2, maybe I got rejected for the better – to adjust to college first before I dive in too deep into extracurriculars.

4. I did my best. 

I know I definitely gave it my all for this interviewing process, and I think doing so allows me to introspect a bit. Where did I go wrong? Where did I go right? What can I do better next time? I know it was a positive learning experience for me, so it wasn’t all for nothing. Just the experience of going through a group interview, followed by an ice cream social, followed by an interview in front of 30 people was quite enlightening.

Dealing with rejection is different for everyone, but I’d say I cope with it pretty well with these four things in mind. I’ve never broken down crying, so that’s pretty good? If you’re a high school senior that’s going to be hearing back from colleges soon or a college student who is going through the same process as me, best of luck to you all! Just remember these four things if it doesn’t go as planned.


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