I’m Starting College + My Schedule!


Today I’m starting college! I moved in last week, but classes start officially today. I have no idea how busy I will be now that classes are starting and how much time I will have to read and blog. However, I do have tons of posts scheduled thanks to summer 😉

But today, I wanted to share my autumn quarter class schedule with you all so you can get to know me a little better (and gauge how busy I will be?). I’m taking around 11 hours of classes a week this quarter, which is considerably less compared to high school (which was like 32 hours a week, gross!).

I’m currently enrolled in the business school at my university and I couldn’t be more excited! I decided to take 15 credits and wanted to get the required & general education classes out of the way first.
Autumn Schedule

Class breakdown

+ ECON 200: It’s microeconomics, which I took in high school! I didn’t have the best teacher in high school, so here’s to learning more in college!

+ ENG 131: English composition, expository writing. Every freshman at my school is required to take an english composition no matter if you passed IB/AP tests, so here I am.

+ MATH 125: Translates to Calculus 2. I have math every day of the week, but I like math, okay? (don’t judge. although I feel like the only book lover out there who likes math…)

I’d say my schedule is pretty darn nice. I like having morning classes so I’m out by 2pm every day! I get to do whatever I want for the rest of the day (aka attend cool YA author signings!!) or do other things like club meetings, work out at the gym, or READ & BLOG.

So that’s what my fall is going to be looking like until winter break! What do you think?


10 thoughts on “I’m Starting College + My Schedule!”

  1. All that math on your schedule gives me a nervous tic Jen! Math was always my worst subject, I just could never get my mind to work so logically 😉 Makes sense that you would need it for business school though! I hope you have a fantastic first semester my friend:)


  2. thank you so much for sharing jen! i do love your schedule as well even though i’m not a morning person so classes at 8 sound HORRIBLE. if it was just an hour or even two later… i’d be solid. i do like the idea of being out early though! when my school has early closings at 1:45, it’s the best thing ever! and yeah… i’m so not with you on the loving math thing. i enjoy it when i understand what’s happening but most times, it just enrages me because HOW. next year i’m probably going to be taking math every day as well (grade 12 functions and calculus oh yeah!!) which i am not excited about because a) math and b) less room to take other courses!!

    but anyway thank you for sharing and again, GORGEOUS GRPAHICS.


  3. Yayy Jen!! Exciting times 🙂 It is quite a change from high school schedules, but typically you need that extra time not spent in class to keep on top of your classwork in college. So I’m sure you’ll be relatively busy this first semester – I hope it all goes well and you love college life!


  4. Wow! You have so much free time! I remembered being busy from when I woke up around 7 am to at least midnight everyday when was in college. However, this is with classes, a couple of jobs, homework and running a club. I never had time to blog when I was in school. Since I’ve been out of school for awhile, I have more time to do what I want to do. Definitely take advantage of all the free time you have now.


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