7 Spooky Reads for October


These past few months, I’ve been coming across some spooky reads, so I thought I would do a little round-up of them for you all, so you can get the full experience of Halloween during the month of October! I’ve chose seven so you’ll be kept busy all month long. 😉

7 spooky reads for october-3

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You guys are probably done hearing me talk about The Accident Season, but too bad!! I just really liked this book and thought it was so unique, atmospheric, and let’s not forget about the awesome magical realism.

This month I also picked up an eARC of This Monstrous Thing and while my review is going up in October, let me tell you: I loved this book! It’s a reimagining of Frankenstein with clockwork and steampunk elements! Totally threw me back to The Infernal Devices.

I also recently enjoyed Black-Eyed Susans – a different type of spooky! If you loved Gone Girl or The Girl on the Train, you should give this one a try! A thriller/murder mystery you won’t want to miss.

Blood and Salt is the goriest out of these seven, but also quite romantic. It’s blurbed as Romeo and Juliet meets Children of the Corn. The first line in the book had me covered in goosebumps!

One of my favorite books of September was A Madness So Discreet. It’s the perfect medley of creepy because it includes insane asylums, murder mysteries, and just pure madness! Loved this one. Out on October 6th!

Black Ice is one I read in October of 2014 and it was perfect! Man this is THE THRILLER. I couldn’t flip pages fast enough and it was so addicting and scary at the same time.

In the Shadow of Blackbirds is another older title I read this summer; an oldie but goodie! If you love historical fiction (specifically the early 1900s) mixed in with paranormal ghosts and a well-written story in general, you’ll love this one!

Tell me about your favorite October/Halloween reads! What other ways do you get into the spirit of Halloween?


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