Help! Do I Bring Books to College?

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I’m moving in to my freshman dorm room in exactly one week! So of course, I’m thinking about what I’ll be bringing with me to college. As a book lover, I’m obviously going to be bringing my Kindle, and maybe some of the physical books I own but haven’t read. But what about the books I have read? I can’t make up my mind about it, but I’ve sorted it into a list of pros and cons. Help me make my decision!

pros of bringing my favorite books to college

By bringing my favorite read-books to college, the books can:

+ show that I’m a book lover

+ reveal what types of books I love

+ conversation starters!

+ comfort me by simply being near me ☺️

+ help me bond with roommates if they want to borrow my favorite books

cons of bringing my favorite books to college

There are bad aspects about taking my favorite books to college with me. For example, the books:

+ will take up space in my dorm room

+ have a chance of getting stolen

+ have a chance of getting damaged from moving/being borrowed/misc.

+ will be sitting there for display, not really to-be-read

What to do?

I’m honestly really conflicted. I don’t have that many books that I own that are favorites, but I would probably bring:

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone / Twilight / Red Queen / City of Bones / Anna and the French Kiss / Divergent

Right now, I’m leaning towards not bringing my favorite books with me to college, because I am able to go home for winter break, so I don’t really see the point. But what book lover doesn’t bring their books everywhere with them? Even worse, do I even bring physical books with me to college? Maybe I just bring my Kindle? I really don’t know what to do.

What do you think I should do? If you’re a college grad, did you ever bring your favorite books?


10 thoughts on “Help! Do I Bring Books to College?”

  1. I lugged around ALL my books in college. Okay not ALL all, but I did have a sort of special circumstance for college because I didn’t live at home during college. As in, I legitimately lived at my college, in my college city, in my own place not in the dorms. My parents lived several states away and when they set me up in my own place they pretty much left me all my stuff. So I’d go visit them during breaks but “my room” was basically the guest room because it didn’t have any of my things, you know? Anyway, so I’m a massive exception to the rule, definitely don’t do what I did, lol.

    BUT, you’re only talking about like six books here. I’d say take them! They are def conversation starters. Your bookish friends will think it’s cool. Even your non-bookish friends will, because the books will give them an idea of what you’re into. They’ll look nice on your desk and make your dorm feel more like home, which is always a good thing to keep you motivated. Even if they are on display, who cares. They are part of a memory, the nostalgia is part of what they are there for. On being damaged because of being borrowed: yeah, unless you meet another avid book nerd, you probably wont be exchanging books at college, my friends used to tell me they just “didn’t have time to read”, which made zero sense to me but that’s the excuse I was always given so I stopped worrying about it, lol.


  2. I wouldn’t bring them, mostly because that’s another thing you’ll have to take there, have space for, and then take home. I think when I go to college I’m only going to bring my ereader. Though I do have ebook copies of some of my favorites so if I want something to reread they will be there…


  3. I brought a few books with me to college last year and honestly never read them. I was always so busy and whenever I had free time, I’d want to spend it with my friends and go into the city. I also read on my phone or my Kindle since they were easier to carry around with me so the physical books I brought went untouched all year and I didn’t bother to bring any this year. I think it’s lovely to have a bookshelf, though, so it’s all up to you. If you think you’ll read them, then definitely bring them. Especially if you’re going to miss and re-read your favorites. ❤


    1. I think I might be leaning towards not bringing any physical books like you said, because I rely much more heavily on my Kindle than physical books. Thanks for your input, Keertana!


  4. If your favorites have something about them you prize – like an author’s signature or they’re a special edition or something, I would say leave them home so nothing happens to them. But if they’re replaceable, I say bring a select few of the best of the best. It’s nice to have something from home that’s comforting when you’re off for your first year of college, even if you don’t end up reading them.


  5. After the first two years of college, I finally decided to stop bringing my books from college. Especially since as an English major I was buying novels for class and then when there was a book sale/drive on campus I was putting more in my dorm room. It is a known fact that every college student goes back home after the year is over with more stuff than they arrived with so I learned that it is best to not show up with my own personal collection of books on campus since I didn’t really have the time to read them. Leaving my books at home actually motivated me to read a lot more over the summer because I felt as if I was behind.


  6. I wouldn’t bring any book that you don’t need. You’ll be reading alot of text books in college.. and likely won’t have too much time to read.. and if you do – go to the library and find a new book to read! 🙂


  7. I didn’t have my books with me my first two years at college. Home was only 2 hours away, so if I really, really wanted to read an old favorite, I could just pick them up during the holidays. My parents ended up moving to another state after my sophomore year, AND I moved out of the dorms and in to an apartment, so that’s when I brought all of my books with me. Honestly, I culled my collection every year, so I only had two boxes worth. I didn’t read any of them until my final semester– then I binge read the Harry Potter series because I was SO DONE WITH COLLEGE! And Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 was being released in theaters.


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