10 Completed Series I Started & Need to Finish


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by the ladies over at The Broke and the Bookish. Each week there is a new topic to make a list for the top ten!

This week’s topic is series that are now complete, but that you still need to finish. My ten only include the series I have started, not series that I need to start & finish (if it were that, there would be waaay more than ten). In no particular order, here are my 10!


  1. I read Unearthly at the beginning of my blogging journey and just never finished it because NEW BOOKS. I definitely need to do a binge read since I loved Unearthly when I read it.
  2. So I was obsessed with the first book in the Night Huntress series, Halfway to the Grave. I listened to the audiobook and it was absolutely amazing! And of course, CAT & BONES. I never continued because the series is so longggg (okay, not really, only like 6 or 7 books).
  3. I think Burn for Burn was fun but I had some issues with it. I would love to finish this trilogy though if I ever find time!
  4. I read Shadow and Bone before the second book was even out, so I kind of just waited for the third book to come out too. I guess now I need to binge read REAL SOON because I can’t read the upcoming Six of Crows without finishing The Grisha trilogy first!
  5. Binge-read Shatter Me & Unravel Me together one summer, and the wait for Ignite Me was just too long. I need to reread and finally finish it! (By the way, I was Team Adam. I hate Warner.)


6. Katie McGarry’s books are good, but not fabulous, in my opinion. I’ve only read Pushing the Limits, and the other first book in her new series, Nowhere But Here. My good friend Willa @ Willa’s Rambling’s LOVES her books though, so I’ll read them just for her. 😉

7. A totally underrated YA trilogy! I loved Chantress because it was pretty much everything I ever wanted in a book. Historical fiction, fantasy, and a tad bit of nice romance! Again, I read this as an eARC so I decided to wait for the rest of the trilogy to come out before continuing. I really need to though!

8. Honestly fell in love with The Madman’s Daughter and it taught a lot of knowledge about The Island of Doctor Moreau (ayy shoutout to Orphan Black!!) but I’ve heard the rest of the trilogy is just disappointing. I do want to give Shepherd’s books another try though.

9. AAHH I was totally going to binge-read the entire trilogy and I got through The Darkest Minds and Never Fade earlier in 2015 and In the Afterlight had just come out but then SCHOOL. I even read like 60 pages from the library before I just did not have time for it. And I refuse to read Bracken’s upcoming Passenger before I finish this trilogy. So hopefully, I GET ON THAT.

10. Hopeless broke my heart a few years ago when I read it. The sequel/companion, Losing Hope is the same story but from Holder’s perspective. I need to read it!!

That’s it for me! What completed series do you still need to finish?


9 thoughts on “10 Completed Series I Started & Need to Finish”

  1. Oooh, you should finish the Shatter Me series! I wasn’t always team Warner, I really liked Adam in the first book, but… ❤ ❤ 😀 I also need to finish The Madman's Daughter and The Darkest Minds trilogies… I really enjoyed both of those first books but for some reason never got around to reading the sequels.


  2. I still need to finish the Grisha trilogy too Jen! I devoured the first two books but for some reason I still haven’t picked up the third book to see how it all ends. Fail. I have the last Night Huntress book too, so you’re not alone with that series:)


  3. pushing the limits is addictive as HECK. definitely listen to willa and finish the series! 😉 and burn for burn was good too. the first book was good but not great, the second book BLEW MY MIND and then the third book was back to being just good. but still i really enjoyed the story so it might be worth it to read the second book and then gauge if you want to continue. definitely a fun, entertaining series!

    i need to finish the grisha trilogy as well! maybe we should binge together haha


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