Recent Obsessions // July 2015

recent obsessions

Today I thought I would do fun little personal post about 5 things I’ve been loving lately that are entirely not book-related.

1. BLOGILATES – most of you know that this is my first summer not dancing at a studio — I’m actually taking a break from dance. However, I still need my exercise!! I hate running (although I’ve been doing it 2-3 times a week, ugh), so I wanted to try a different form of exercise. I had heard things about Blogilates but never tried it because I thought Cassey Ho was annoying, until I actually started doing the exercises! Since then, I’ve grown to love her positivity an motivational words. I love the 1000 Ab Challenge (I do it once a week), and I usually do a combo of everything for an hour a day.

2. DIY PAPER DAHLIAS – I’m heading off to college in the fall, so of course I started making dorm decorations! I love this decoration because it’s so easy to make and it looks so pretty! I watched this tutorial and found it to be really helpful. I made a gold one, and I’m planning on making a light pink one! (Side note: the lady says to use double sticky tape, but it didn’t work for me since my paper was so stiff, try hot glue!)

3. STEP UP MOVIES – I may be taking a break from dance, but I will never tire of watching dance. My favorite movies of all time are part of the Step Up series, and I’ve been watching all five! They never get old. Unfortunately, they are not on Netflix, so I just get the DVDs from my library.

4. PORTABLE CHARGER – funny story here: I was making my way to Seattle via the Bolt Bus, which is a bus that takes you directly there (has a bathroom on the bus) without stopping. I love it because they have charging outlets on the bus. But for some reason, my most recent trip, THEY BLOCKED THE OUTLETS and my phone was at like 10% battery. I almost cried. So I decided to get a portable charger to be safe forever from my phone dying out. So far, it’s been a great purchase! And the size – a little longer than a tube of lipstick. Link to Amazon here.

5. PARMESAN GOLDFISH – new. Favorite. Snack. EVER. These are so freaking delicious. You think regular Goldfish are good? TRY THESE.

So yeah, that’s kind of what’s been happening in July for me. What have you been obsessed with lately? 


One thought on “Recent Obsessions // July 2015”

  1. This is about to sound ridiculously silly, but I LOVE Parmesan goldfish! They’re so amazing! Definitely my favorite goldfish flavor 🙂
    Also, I’m glad that Blogilates is working out for you (<- nice pun there, I know). I used to be really into it last summer, but then school happened and I haven't picked it back up (even though another summer has almost passed haha)
    Thank you for sharing your love of Parmesan goldfish!


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