Off to Boston!


Hey everyone! Just wanted to let y’all know that I’m headed to Boston on Saturday and I’ll be gone for a week! Specifically, I’m headed to Martha’s Vineyard with my twin to visit a good friend who lives there every summer. It’ll be my first time going to the East Coast (I’m a Pacific Northwest girl if you didn’t know!). I’m beyond excited since I know Martha’s is absolutely gorgeous. I’m planning on long days at the beach and reading, of course!

What I won’t be doing is blogging or commenting, as I won’t be bringing my laptop with me (pack light and all). However, I’ll still be on the Twitters and such! I have posts scheduled, so I won’t be on a complete hiatus.

Do you guys have favorite places on Martha’s Vineyard I should go visit? Let me know! See y’all in a week!




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