Novella Review: Map to the Stars by Jen Malone

Map to the Stars by Jen Malone

Publisher: Epic Reads Impulse

Release Date: July 14th, 2015

Source: Edelweiss/Publisher

Rating: 2.75 stars

Seeing as this is a contemporary novella, I’m going to keep this review short. In one sentence, I’d say that this story is cute, but not really original.

I’ve read this type of story before, where a small-town girl meets a big-time celebrity boy and somehow, she catches his eye. This one’s not really different from those stories. I like how Malone takes advantage of the celebrity aspects and has Annie & Graham (the main protagonists) travel around the world to his movie premieres, thus places like Paris and London. Graham in this story is similar to One Direction or Justin Bieber – young teenage heartthrobs with crowds of girls stalking him. I didn’t find Annie to be particularly likable or annoying, but she fell a little on the flat side. She’s just like any other fan, falling for Graham’s dashing good looks. Map to the Stars is a fun, light read that’s a little longer than a typical novella but a bit shorter than a “short” full-length book, but it’s not one I’d particularly recommend for a poolside read.


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