Mini Audiobook Reviews: Series Edition

So as most of you know, I’ve been listening to audiobooks like crazy. I can finish an audiobook in 1-3 days, so I’ve been speeding through them pretty quickly. I found that it’s a great way to binge-read series, so today, I have three mini series reviews for you!

The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer

Narrators: Ilyana Kadushin & Matt Walters

Twilight (Twilight, #1) New Moon (Twilight, #2) Eclipse (Twilight, #3) Breaking Dawn (Twilight, #4)

GUYS. If you’ve been craving for a re-read of the thing that brought you into the Young Adult world, DO IT. I was feeling really nostalgic in May 2015 and so I started the audiobook of Twilight and no. Regrets. AT ALL. Ilyana Kadushin is a wonderful narrator, and Matt Walters who narrates Jacob’s POV in Breaking Dawn is pretty great, too. This was just as enjoyable as the first time around, and I highly recommend listening to this series on audio!

Overall Series Rating: 5 out of 5

The Hush, Hush Saga by Becca Fitzpatrick

Narrator: Caitline Greer

Hush, Hush (Hush, Hush, #1) Crescendo (Hush, Hush, #2) Silence (Hush, Hush, #3) Finale (Hush, Hush, #4)

I read the first three books in the series when I first started blogging, and I LOVE LOVE LOVED them. Finale hadn’t been out at the time yet, so I never got around to it. But this time on audio, I binge-read the entire series. I have to say that Caitlin Greer is a great narrator, but for some reason, I felt disconnected to the series the second time around. I feel that it may be because the world-building is a little more complex so if I’m not seeing the term, I’m not going to click with it right away. The Nephilim/fallen angel/arch angel stuff is pretty confusing, which is why it wasn’t as enjoyable on audio. I feel that the Hush, Hush saga is better read in print.

Overall Series Rating: 3 out of 5

The Losing It Trilogy by Cora Carmack

Narrators: Phoebe Strole (Losing It), Emma Galvin & Dan Bittner (Faking It), Soneela Nankani (Finding It)

Losing It (Losing It, #1) Faking It (Losing It, #2) Finding It (Losing It, #3)

The audiobooks for these books are absolutely amazing! My favorite has to be Phoebe Strole narrating Losing It. Strole embodies the main character Bliss SO WELL, and she kills the British accent with the love interest. The second book, Faking It, has a dual male/female perspectives, and I thought Emma Galvin & Dan Bittner both played their characters really perfectly as well. Finally in Finding It, Soneela Nankani does a decent job narrating as Kelsey, but I found the character to be less likable as a whole. My favorite in this trilogy as a book and audiobook has to be Losing It for sure. Overall, this is definitely a New Adult trilogy worth listening on audio!

Overall Series Rating: 4 out of 5


6 thoughts on “Mini Audiobook Reviews: Series Edition”

  1. I’m always on the lookout for good audiobooks because I really struggle to find ones I can get into so I might try out the ones for Cormack’s novels. I tried her debut series and wasn’t a big fan but I’m really enjoying her Rusk University books so perhaps it’s time I gave those books another shot. Great mini-reviews, Jen! 🙂


    1. Ooh yeah, I see you reading the Rusk University books on Goodreads! The audio versions are really great, I think you should give them another try soon!


  2. As much as I listen to audios, I don’t think I’ve listened to all the narrators mentioned. That’s so weird. I could def use a re-read of Twilight and Cora’s books.


  3. These are all exceedingly popular series that I have not read. I have toyed with reading The Twilight Series, but the grown ass woman in their thrities wearing swooning t-shirts “team jacob”, kind of makes me wretch every time I think of the series, which is no fault of the author, so I should give it a go.
    The Losing It Trilogy has appealed to me for awhile. I would still like to make room on my reading schedule.
    Thanks for the great reviews.


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