Guys!! I graduated high school! It’s one of my biggest milestones in my life, and can I just say that I am SO relieved? The other day I was cleaning out all of my middle school/high school notebooks and binders and just throwing everything away (aside from my Calculus notes.. those were good notes that I’m sure I’ll use next year in college!). IT WAS SO LIBERATING. Next up is my closet, because obviously, college means a new wardrobe!! I’m definitely going to be clearing out the bookshelves too, selling books at my local indie. Aside from the major clean-out, I have a few goals for the summer before college!2

1. Get my driver’s license: Ohmygod, I am so embarrassed right now. I got my driver’s permit last summer, and I’m about to turn 19 in a few short months. A driver’s license is  MUST before college. Not that I’ll be driving, but still. (Time to get behind the wheel!)

2. Learn how to cook!: I think this is a pretty good skill to have in college. I’ve been living off of my mama’s food for my entire life, so no mama in college = no bueno. I want to at least learn how to make my own eggs for breakfast!!

3. Take accounting classes: As a student major in accounting (at least, that’s the plan for now), I want to get a head start! I’ve heard diving head-first into accounting classes in college is a lot to take in, so I want to learn some basics first at my community college this summer.

4. Read!!!: I don’t exactly have a set number of books I want to read, but the past few summers I’m always managed to read around 30 books. I want to go for 40 books this year, I think!

5. No Netflix: my family recently got Netflix, and I know from all of my friends that it’s so addicting, and it also means no productivity. So far, I haven’t gotten SUCKED in yet, and I definitely want to stay away, since it’ll slow down my reading if I start. I’ve only been re-watching Orphan Black!

So that’s it for my summer 2015 before college starts!


7 thoughts on “GRADUATION & Goals”

  1. Oh, definitely step away from Netflix before it’s too late! Haha. There is nothing to be embarrassed about now having a driver’s license. I’m way older than you and I don’t have one (don’t want it) Reading is the best way to spend your earned free time. CONGRATS and enjoy 😀


  2. Woohoo, congrats!! Those are some great goals for the summer, both ambitious and hopefully fun. I wouldn’t be too embarrassed about being a late driver. I was as well, and so are a lot of people, especially if you’ve never had a need to drive, nor will you in the immediate future. And no Netflix!! Oh man, you must have way ore restraint than I do!!


    1. That’s very true!! Yep, gotta stay away from all of those seasons that are available on Netflix. I have pretty good self-restraint when it comes to TV, I think!


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