5 Epic Books | May 2015


Let me tell you a little story: at the end of April, I was dreading the amount of tests and exams I would have in May. How the HECK would I have time to read and blog? LOL, JOKE’S ON ME. Turns out, I guess I’m a stress-reader. Whenever I’m stressed, I READ. Or rather, I take a LOT of breaks – aka read during those breaks. So I ended up finishing 13 books in May. THIRTEEN. That’s more than I finish in a summer month! On average, I finish about 6-7 books during a school month. But in May? NOPE. That may also because I started listening to audiobooks again, but that’s a different story. I was going to do a May Wrap Up, but 13 books is a lot to recap, so I’m going to share my 5 epic books from May that I highly recommend!2

1. I’LL GIVE YOU THE SUN BY JANDY NELSON | Goodreads | My Review

This books SHATTERED me. At first the writing was hard to get into and I wasn’t on board with how dark the book was, but in the end, it all came together so perfectly and UGH so good.


As a bestseller right now and compared to Gone Girl, I was really curious about this psychological thriller. It didn’t disappoint! SUCH a great page-turner and chills, y’all.


So I decided to pick this audiobook up for my roadtrip to California because I’ve been CRAVING for a re-read. And now, I’m really obsessed again. I managed to finish Twilight, New Moon, AND Eclipse on audiobook in the span of 2 weeks. I’m insane.

4. MADE YOU UP BY FRANCESCA ZAPPIA | Goodreads | My Review

Such a surprisingly thought-provoking yet quirky contemporary about schizophrenia! This debut was one I fell in love with and highly recommend.


Damn, you guys. Damn.

So that’s it for me! If I were to recommend you 5 books that I read in May, those would be it!! What epic books did you read in May?



5 thoughts on “5 Epic Books | May 2015”

  1. Twilight always pulls me right back in with a reread too. There’s just something magical about it. And like you, I read A LOT when I’m stressed, mostly because stress keeps me up at night, and of course I read when I suffer from insomnia.
    I just bought Hawkins and Mass on audio and I’m really looking forward to both.


    1. YES ANOTHER TWILIGHT LOVER! Seriously, it just sucks you in. And I think you’ll really love THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN! Thanks for stopping by, Maja!


  2. 13!! That’s awesome, Jen!! Ooh, a Twilight reread, that could be fun! It’s been so long since I read it and I would be curious to compare my thoughts for it then and now. And the other ones, I still need to get to myself! ACOTAR because I love Sarah and Girl on the Train because I loved Gone Girl. The other two to expand on more contemporaries! It’s great you were able to connect to these 5 books in a month of so much stress!


  3. Hahahaha, stress-reader. I love it. I’m apparently a stress-exerciser, I only ever exercise regularly when it’s exam week, lol. It’s so bad.

    Regardless, I am SO PROUD of you for reading 13 books. You are a superwoman. Like what the heck?! Send your magical ways this way, please.

    I passed up MADE YOU UP in the library yesterday, since I already had 9 books in my bag. I totally regret it now, le sigh. I’ll have to grab it the next time I go! And oh my goodness, ACOTAR. THAT ENDING. I honest to goodness didn’t expect it to get so dark at the end, but I TOTALLY LOVED IT. Had the beginning been a bit better, I would have fallen heads over heels in love, but alas, I think I’m going to absolutely love the sequel. I’m going to have to check out the Girl on the Train, I’m in the mood for a good psychological thriller. :DD

    Lovely post, Jen! Here’s to hoping that you’ll read even MORE in June. <33


    1. YAY!! At least you exercise SOME. Lol. And yes I think you would really like MADE YOU UP! Dang, 9 books? I guess that’s summer for ya. WOOHOO ACOTAR! So happy you read it. I’m looking forward to your full review! Thanks for stopping by, love!


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