Nowhere But Here by Katie McGarry

Nowhere But Here by Katie McGarry

Publisher: Harlequin TEEN

Release Date: May 26th, 2015

Source: Netgalley / Harlequin TEEN

Rating: 4 out of 5

The only other book I’ve read by Katie McGarry is Pushing the Limits, right before it came out a few years ago. Unlike most readers, I haven’t gotten to the rest of those companion novels, for really no reason at all. I enjoyed McGarry’s writing style and the characters she created and the plot wasn’t bad, either. I decided to give McGarry another go with her latest Thunder Road series, with Nowhere But Here. I was enticed by the overall synopsis of Nowhere But Here: motorcycle clubs, danger, and family connection and issues – count me in. Nowhere But Here proved to be a heart-racing contemporary with only a few drawbacks.

For the first 30% of the novel, I was extremely hesitant. McGarry is brave to write about a scenario that is unique and foreign in contemporary YA (at least to me). Dealing with a family of motorcycle gangs and issues, McGarry goes into some detail about how this type of a family lives, functions, and performs differently than normal families in the suburbs. I wasn’t all the way on board with the idea of the whole dangerous motorcycle brotherhood, but it certainly is interesting. Furthermore, McGarry dumps a WHOLE lot of characters on you right off the bat – I couldn’t keep any of the character names straight. Who is whose dad? Whose brother is that? Wait, are they related? Honestly, a lot of the characters aren’t necessary in this story, but I suppose they have to be introduced in some manner if McGarry is writing companion novels in this Thunder Road series.

Other than that, I learned to really love the main characters, Emily and Oz, who are also the two main first-person perspectives we get told the story from. Although Emily and Oz seem like the cliche pair at first – good girl, bad boy – McGarry manages to shape them into really well-rounded characters who have a lot of depth in both. Emily isn’t just a good girl who follows all the rules; she’s also a girl with fears that she must overcome. She’s sassy and brave, with completely relatable emotions. Similarly, Oz may be the hottie on the outside, but he’s not just a guy who wants to get into girls’ pants. His love for his motorcycle family is genuine and I couldn’t help but swoon for Oz for his beauty on the inside and outside.

Overall, I’m really pleased with McGarry’s start to her new contemporary YA series. I’m definitely looking forward to the following companion novels! If you loved McGarry’s previous works, you’ll be sure to love her most recent one Nowhere But Here. Get ready for some major swoons, as always!


5 thoughts on “Nowhere But Here by Katie McGarry”

  1. I was pretty excited about this too, but in the end, you enjoyed it much more than I did. I admire McGarry for introducing the world of motorcycle clubs, but they didn’t seem all that real to me, and the whole bad boy reformed trope just didn’t work. He met a nice girl and suddenly he’s a saint? That sort of thing just doesn’t fly with me. Still, she writes well, which is always a plus.


  2. I’m really not all that familiar with McGarry’s books, but I definitely get the impression that even though some of her stories may seem cliched, she does a good job at fleshing out the characters and romance – always a good thing. It’s not often I’m in the mood to read these kinds of books, but I admit I’m intrigued by this new series with a motorcycle family gang, so I could see myself giving this one a go sometime!


    1. I can definitely see why you’ve strayed away from her books for awhile, I’m not sure they’re *quite* your taste, but it’s one of those things were, if you fall in love with her books, there are a TON available for you to read, you know? I hope you give them a try someday!


  3. Ahh, I love me some Katie McGarry books, so I’m really glad to see that you loved Nowhere But Here, Jen! Although, you really must get around to those companion novels for her other series.

    The whole character-dumping thing does kind of seem confusing, especially since it’s a brand new setting that’s so unique and all. I’m glad you were able to get used to it, though. I might start a character sheet or something to keep everything straight, haha. It’s a good heads-up. ❤ Yay for character depth with Emily and Oz though! That's one of the things I have always loved about Katie McGarry's books, she always manages to flesh out characters you thought were cliche or flat. I'm really thrilled to see that's the case here. 😀

    Fantastic review, as always, Jen! I really can't wait to pick this one up now. <33


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