Roadtrip TBR | May 2015

RoadTrip TBR_1

I’m going on a road trip this weekend! I’m driving to California to see my sister’s graduation ceremony, and it’ll take two days to get there. SO, that obviously calls for some TBR planning! I’m not the one driving, so I’ll be able to listen to audiobooks or switch off to reading on my Kindle during the trip.

RoadTrip TBR_2

I am so excited to be re-reading Twilight through audiobook format! I haven’t touched this story in about 4 years… I watched the movie just last month, and I got all the feels. It’s nice and long too! Additionally, I hope to get to Every Day by David Levithan because a) I loved it when I listened to it on audio 3 years ago and b) the sequel Another Day is coming out in the fall! I probably won’t get to it though because Twilight is so long.

As for the e-books, I’m currently reading Making Pretty so I want to finish that on the trip. However, I got my hands on an e-copy of A Court of Thorns and Roses from my online library, and obviously I’m DYING to read that.

Have you read any of these books? They’re not very road-trippy, but which ones would you recommend for me next time I go on a road trip?


One thought on “Roadtrip TBR | May 2015”

  1. Tell me how ACOTAR goes! It’s on my TBR as I need some more SJM to fill in the time waiting for Queen of Shadows. Anyway have fun on your trip! 🙂


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