Reaction to Shadowhunters Casting


If you have haven’t heard already, The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare is becoming a television show on ABC Family! It was made into a movie a few years ago as The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, but the movie box office didn’t make enough profit. ABC decided to name the show Shadowhunters, and casting has begun! I wanted to talk about my opinion on these new castings. While I thought the original movie wasn’t AMAZING, I did LOOVE the cast. They were all exactly how I had pictured them in my head. However, something about the cast didn’t work together – clearly – or the second movie would already be in the making. So far, only Jace, Simon, and Isabelle have been cast, so without further ado…


I personally loved Jamie Campbell Bower as the Jace Wayland – he’s tall and extremely lanky, but I was disappointed about him having light blue eyes instead of gold (at least give him contacts!!).  The new casting, Dominic Sherwood, is one that I’m still extremely iffy about. First off, they still didn’t get someone with hazel eyes (I guess he has half a hazel eye… does that count?), and he has that typical Abercrombie model look. What I loved about Bower was that he wasn’t exactly hot – he’s unique and beautiful in his own way, like the way Jace should be. Sherwood’s pretty look at, don’t get me wrong, but he seems like such a cliche beauty. I’ve never seen him act though, but you can check out his acting background here. I’m willing to give Sherwood a chance though, so I’m REALLY hoping he surprises me with his acting.


So here’s the thing: I loved, LOVED Robert Sheehan playing Simon Lewis. He did the perfect job, and since watching the movie, I’ve been obsessed with Sheehan. (Willa can verify this!!) He’s completely dorky and completely adorable during his role as Simon Lewis. When he told Clary he’s in love with her? ALL THE TEARS. So when Alberto Rosende was cast as the new Simon Lewis, it was a little hard for me to let go of Sheehan. At first, when I saw what Rosende looked like, he had no glasses on. He was WAY too attractive. But with these round glasses on, he is SO SIMON. He can definitely pull off that dorky-geeky-cute look really well, so I’m really pumped to see Rosende play Simon!! You can check out Rosende’s acting background here.

4Like Sheehan, I thought Jemima West was the perfect Isabelle Lightwood. She has those high-cheekbones that make her look snobby but also with a soft-spot in her heart. I have to say that Emeraude Toubia being cast as the new Isabelle is not my favorite. I’m loving the diversity in casting – and I’m not sure what ethnicity Cassandra Clare intended the Lightwoods to be – but I remember Isabelle having dark hair and pale skin, unlike Toubia. Toubia’s incredibly gorgeous, don’t get me wrong, she’s just not who I imagined as Isabelle in my head. Toubia looks too nice, if that makes sense. It doesn’t seem like she’s got any sass. I really hope Toubia can bring out on the screen.

That’s all the casting for now, but I am SO excited for Clary’s casting!! I’m definitely making another post once her casting is revealed.

Are you excited for the Shadowhunters television show? What do you think of the new cast?



4 thoughts on “Reaction to Shadowhunters Casting”

    we are two sheehan obsessed girls
    but yes i am with you on ALL fronts. I do love Dominic Sherwod (he’s in the Style video….so….you know…i love him) so I’m excited to see him as Jace!
    LOVE this post, girl! (do more!)
    xoxo willa


  2. I loved the casting in the movie too, although the movie itself wasn’t much, and I have my doubts about this one, but I think I like the choice for Simon a bit more. He seems more awkward, which is how it should be. The movie wasn’t much otherwise, but I’m very excited about the series.


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