One Month Left…

One Month Left

Hey everyone! Today I just want to talk, update you all on what’s going on because there are certainly a LOT of things going on in my life right now. It’s Monday, May 4th (May the FOURTH be with you!), so that means I have my first day of IB testing. I go to an International Baccalaureate-based school, but I’m not doing the IB Diploma. However, I did sign up for the IB English test, in hopes that I’ll get credit for college. I’ve heard that this test is pretty difficult to score high though, so I’m pretty much going to go into this blindly and hope for the test. Then again– how does one study for an English writing test?

I’m also taking AP tests – Advanced Placement – just because I think those tests are easier to score higher and therefore, get college credit. I have my AP Calculus BC exam tomorrow (which I am SO not ready for…), and then after that, I’ll have AP Macroeconomics and AP Microeconomics 2 weeks later. Those are really all the tests I’m taking, so a lot less then some crazy kids at my school. May is going to be a crazy month of studying for sure.

After that though, I pretty much get a little break before senior finals. I’m going to my older sister’s graduation commencement in California, which is really exciting. It’s going to be like a little taste of my own graduation two weeks beforehand.

It truly blows my mind that the story of my high school life is about to end. I have one month left from today. In one month, I’ll finish my last final exam, and then I’ll have my graduation ceremony. Usually people who are in their 40s+ say time flies, but I feel that, as an 18 year old, time is FLYING BY.

I remember last year at the beginning of April, promposals were happening and I was just counting down the days until junior prom. Junior year took forever to be over with (junior year was hell). But this year? Prom was here before I knew it, and now graduation is upon me. I’m going to be going off to college in the fall in no time!

I guess I’m struggling a little bit to grasp time – to slow it down just a little bit, to savor it just a little more. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so ready to be done with high school and to move on, but things need to slow down a little bit, you know?

As for other updates, I’m currently looking for a summer job to make a little bank before college. I’m looking at Forever 21, American Eagle, and of course, Barnes and Noble. Any recommendations on resumes and job interviews? It’ll be my first job ever!

I’m also currently reading I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson, about 100 pages in. I’m not sure what I think of it yet. It is WAY darker than I expected, but I do love Nelson’s writing style. I’m hopefully going to get a review up for that by the end of next week! The blog is definitely going to be slower this month.

I brought it up earlier, but senior prom was this past weekend. I went with the same guy as last year, but we aren’t dating or anything – in fact, far from that. I didn’t have the best time with him last year because he is shy and a little boring. Dinner was extremely awkward since I couldn’t think of ANYTHING to talk about with him. Luckily I was surrounded by my friends so it wasn’t completely silent. Prom didn’t go as I had hoped, but at least the actual dance was fun. The DJ was incredibly, cringe-worthy lame, but dancing with friends makes up for it.

I think that’s it for now, if you stuck through this entirely rambly post about my life in April/May, I applaud you! Like I said before, the blog will definitely be a little quieter this month, but I love y’all for sticking around with me!



6 thoughts on “One Month Left…”

  1. Jenny, I’m so excited to see you graduate and move into the next phase of your life! You’re such an incredible person and seeing you grow up with me has been such a beautiful experience. Time has flown by! Remember when we were little thirteen year olds? Oh, the days.
    I’m so happy for you and all you’ve accomplished. You’ve worked so hard and it’s finally paying off! I’M SO PUMPED FOR YOU TO GO TO COLLEGE OH MY WOW.
    (also, I’LL GIVE YOU THE SUN!!!!!!!!!! that book is just. wow.)
    ❤ for forever


    1. SO WEIRD WE MET LIKE 4 YEARS AGO WHATT?? Willa, I seriously would not have been able to do any of this without you by my side. ❤ Thanks for being ALWAYS there for me!! And I am VERYY excited to continue reading I'LL GIVE YOU THE SUN!


  2. Jen, I felt the same way last year when senior year ended. I wanted time to slow down, I wanted to be able to savor every moment with my friends, but it all just flies by. Honestly, my first year of college has flown by too and I can’t believe it’s summer already. How did this happen? What are finals? Everything is unclear.

    BUT, know that you are not alone and that you will stay in touch with and see the friends who mean the most to you, even after graduation, and from now on time is only going to go by faster and faster. I feel like I graduated just yesterday but it’s been a whole YEAR. Crazy. Enjoy these last few months and this summer–it’s the last one where you won’t be running all over the country for internships and what-not. Read as much as you can because I know I haven’t found that kind of time for months, now. Most of all, just enjoy it–high school sucks, but it only comes around once. ❤


    1. AHH that’s crazy that freshman year flies by too! I can totally see how these upcoming months for me are going to be treasured… AND READ ALL THE BOOKS! Thanks for the advice, oh wise one. 😉


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