A Note on Closure



So I don’t usually post about personal things on the blog, but occasionally, I will. Like today. Today is a personal day.

It’s now April, and if you didn’t know, I’m a senior in high school. I have 2 months of school left, and then I’m done. Since it’s April, it also means that college decisions came out at the end of March. If you remember at the beginning of the year in my 2015 Resolutions post, one of my personal goals was to be happy wherever I end up going to college. It’s a big time right now. I’m about to find out what my future is going to be like for the next four years. If you’ve been on this boat already, you know what I’m talking about. It’s exciting, it’s different, it’s scary. If you’re also a senior or a high school student reading this, just know: we’re in this together. I’m going to tell you my story.

I applied to a total of ten schools by January 2015. About six schools were backup schools, two target schools, and two reach schools. By the end of March, I was accepted to six of the schools, rejected from three, and waitlisted at one. I’m not going to reveal what schools they were, but I was extremely heartbroken. Not that I’ve had a boyfriend before, but it seems like getting rejected from your dream school is worse than getting dumped by your year-long boyfriend. I was rejected by the two reach schools, and one of the target schools, and waitlisted by the other target school. I didn’t know what to do with my life for a while there. I didn’t want to end up going to a backup school! I was pretty devastated, actually.

But, what you should know is:



It’s been 2 weeks since receiving my last decision letter, and I ended up talking to my parents on what the best choice was. I got a lot of scholarships from most of my backup schools, and I found a school that was going to be a great fit for me. The school I’m officially committing to has great perks, and I pretty much laid out my future. It’s in a big city with endless opportunities, close to home but not too close, and I’ll be saving my parents a lot of money by going to this school. Plus, I’ll be at the top of my class in their business program. I’m excited.

You may be a senior who got into your dream school, or you may be a senior in the same boat as me. Whatever you are, just know that it’ll work out. It’s a new experience nevertheless, and make the most of it. By staying positive, you push back the negative, and you won’t have any regrets. Leave those behind. You’ll find yourself in a happier place.

Heck, I’m so excited for graduation I could scream. I’m looking for roommates, scrutinizing the class curriculum, stalking the best kind of dormitory hall… what started at rock bottom is now at the top of the mountain.


Good luck to all of you high schoolers reading this, you can do it. I know you can.


6 thoughts on “A Note on Closure”

  1. Aw Jen, thank you for sharing your heartfelt story! I know how it feels to get rejected from a school you really want to go to. ):
    But on the bright side, think of it this way: If you attend a backup college, you’ll be the top percent of your new college! That’s way better than being the one of the many in your target colleges. Plus, I’m in college now and I’ve heard nothing but stories about how smart people from top high schools in my city made it into Harvard, Yale, etc. but are failing drastically – they were also the valedictorians of their high school!
    But yes, everything will be okay! I bet you’ll do amazing in the college you decided to stick with Jen! (:


  2. Ahhh Jen, I’m so excited for you! I can’t wait to see where college takes you. Also, thank you for sharing such a personal story. I’m gonna get all “older sister” on you for a moment: throw any expectations you have about college out the window. College is a really weird period of life in which you’re all over the place with interests and career desires and who you are as a person, and while it can be kind of scary (it was for me), it’s also pretty cool. When I started college I was like, “Yes THIS IS IT. I know what I’m doing with the rest of my life.” Throughout my four years, I went to two different schools, considered about 7 different majors (actually though lol), and am currently living a life I NEVER would have predicted. You seem pretty open minded already, so never lose that, because it’ll give you some of the best (and worst) experiences of your life. AND YAY FOR NO MORE HIGH SCHOOL.


    1. GIRL THANK YOU I LOVE YOU. You are pretty much like an older sister to me! ❤ that's insane that so much can change. It's definitely a good idea to keep an open mind and let change HAPPEN. Thanks so much.


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