TV Shows that Inspire Fashion

Have you ever watched a TV show and been INSPIRED by their fashion? I KNOW I HAVE. I am a huuuge fashion junky, and when I first started watching The Vampire Diaries last year in November, I was obsessed with the leather jackets. So badass, so chic, so GOOD LOOKING. They wore them from Season 1, which was QUITE a while ago, so I’m happy to see that leather jackets are still IN in 2014!


The Vampire Diaries
I’ve heard a lot of other shows that have inspired fashion, like Outlander and plaid:
Mad for Plaid - Outlander
Or Gossip Girl headbands??
Headbands Galore - Gossip Girl
Seriously y’all, I’M OBSESSED WITH THESE. I don’t watch Outlander or Gossip Girl, but they are just shows that I’ve heard have great fashion inspiration!! What shows inspire YOUR fashion taste??



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