Legal Adult Status

I turned 18 yesterday.

Yep, that’s right, LEGAL ADULT STATUS in the US! It was also election day, but I didn’t vote because I didn’t feel knowledgeable about the topic enough to make an informed decision.

But that’s not the point of this post!

I went to school yesterday and honestly, I felt no different. I know people can’t physically feel older between one day and the next, but it really just felt super normal. Among my crazy senior schedule, there wasn’t really time to feel like an adult, let alone celebrate it. I don’t even have plans to have a celebration party with friends because WE’RE ALL SO BUSY THIS TIME OF YEAR. It’s really quite depressing. I pretty much woke up yesterday, went to school, had some friends sing “Happy Birthday” to me, went home, had a pumpkin spice cupcake to celebrate, and homework for the rest of the night.

I guess part of it is not being big on the whole birthday celebration thing for myself, too. It’s always been difficult because I had to share a birthday with my twin, which means throwing parties can be hard, especially if we’re friends with different people. More money, awkward question from other friends of “Should I get a gift for the twin I’m not as familiar with?”. Additionally, my parents don’t really “give birthday gifts”. I put that in quotes because I kind of get things I want on a monthly basis, so there’s really no point in a one time gift. I don’t mind it either.

I wish that my eighteenth birthday was spend doing things more meaningful, but school gets in the way for sure.

How did you guys celebrate your turning point from child to adult? Is anyone else not big on the birthday thing?


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