My First Experience with Graphic Novels


Boxers & Saints by Gene Luen Yang

I remember reading my first graphic novel maybe 6 years ago, but I haven’t picked another one up since. I pretty much picked up Boxers & Saints on a whim, having heard a few rave reviews about it. I am so glad I did.

Graphic novels are super quick– I can finish 150 pages in half an hour– and they are so capturing. Also what I love about them is that even if your brain or eyes are tired, you don’t end up nodding off because there aren’t many words to read; instead, your eyes can focus on the illustrations, and you can still absorb a lot of the story at the same time.

Boxers & Saints itself had a fantastic plot. Essentially, it’s the same story but told in different POVs. The story is about the Boxer Rebellion in China in the late 19th century, so I actually learned a lot about this time period! Boxers is told from the perspective of a young peasant boy, and Saints is told from the perspective of a young Chinese Christian girl. Both stories were extremely interesting, since there is some fantasy/magical realism tied in.

If all graphic novels are as good as Boxers & Saints, then call me a Graphic Novel fangirl. I’m definitely on the lookout for more graphic novels! Recommend me some of YOUR favorites 🙂


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