Summer Reading – Results

Summer Reading ResultsEarlier this summer I made some summer reading plans, in which I talked about some reading goals and 10 books I hoped to read this summer.
Well, FAIL.

Let’s go through them, shall we?


Goal #1: Finish Some Serieskinda Accomplished

Yeah, so I actually did not finish reading the Divergent trilogy. I couldn’t do it. I thought Insurgent was so boring. I made my sister tell me what happened in the end, and I am SO GLAD I didn’t read it. I also didn’t finish The Mortal Instruments! I am a little bummed at that– I only made it to City of Lost Souls— but that’s because I was reading The Infernal Devices in between! AND I FINISHED THAT SO BOOM. Mission kinda accomplished. 😉

Goal #2: Read my Review BooksFail

Yeah… no. I read hardly any Netgalley titles (maybe like 2 or 3), and a lot more Edelweiss titles. But overall, I did not read that many review books. At all. And I still requested a ton. Sigh. When am I going to get good at this?!

Goal #3: Read Physical & Audio booksSuccess

I actually read a ton of physical books when I read The Mortal Instruments (because I own the physical copies), and also when I read Clockwork Angel and Clockwork Prince. I also got some books from the library that I read, so those were physical copies as well! I also listened to 2 audiobooks this summer. Yay!

Goal #4: Read ten books I wanted to readFail

I had a list of ten books I wanted to read this summer and WTF. I read 1/10 books. ONE. Such fail. It was The Jewel by Amy Ewing. While it was super amazing and I really enjoyed it, I ONLY READ ONE. I am so ashamed.

BUT YEAH. In total I read 31 books this summer, which is usually around how much I read every summer. They were big, fat books too (TMI and TID). How did your summer reading go?


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