Booktube: Why I want to + Recommendations

I’m not sure if you are as immersed and attached onto Youtube as I am, but you should know that there is an entire book-loving community on Youtube. It’s exactly like blogging, but video-style. I’m dying to join Booktube.

About Me & Vlogging


Call me crazy, but I actually started vlogging about books about the same time I started book blogging. I watched The Story Siren IMM vlogs and was immediately inspired. I didn’t think it was strange that I was talking to a camera, nor did I feel awkward. Believe it or not, I still make vlogs even NOW, book haul videos and monthly wrap-ups or TBR piles.

Before you ask, NO, these videos are not posted anywhere. I never even made a Youtube channel. They are simply saved on my computer.

You’re probably wondering, “Well, Jen, if you made so many videos and continue to make vlogs, why did you not post a single one?” Well my friends, that’s because I’m under 18. My parents and myself would rather keep my face off of the internet right now.

But honestly, like I said before, I’m dying to join Booktube. I think Booktube has the opportunity to bring in something fresh, since I think the blogging community is getting a little old. Additionally, Booktube is becoming pretty big. I feel like booktubers get a much larger audience because Youtube as a whole is a much more public domain, whereas not as many people in the public like to read on a blog or a website. People like visuals, videos better, I think. Booktubers are able to make more of a presence, if you will.

Booktubing also has its benefits in knowing the person behind the book-fangirling. You actually see the person and get a better feel to who they are. There’s more of a personal connection in Booktube.

What’s in the Future for Me?

I most likely won’t be vlogging/starting a Booktube channel until I’m in college, most likely. I don’t even own a nice camera, or all of those fancy lights. I’m really excited though, because I don’t think it will be awkward for me at all. I feel like I can jump in at any moment because I’ve been vlogging for so long.

My Favorite Booktubers

I’m subscribed to TOOONS of Booktube channels. I’d like to recommend some to you!

  • Sasha from ABookUtopia: Sasha is so awesome! She actually does videos for Epic Reads as well, which is how I found out about her. I love her because she’s so sweet and enthusiastic! She is also a die-hard fan of the Shadowhunter world, which just made me love her even more. SHE IS ALSO LILLY COLLINS’ TWIN. So crazy.
  • Jesse from Jesse The Reader: Jesse is so freaking crazy! He is my favorite male booktuber for sure. He’s so unique and just doesn’t care what people think of him. Extremely entertaining to watch for sure.
  • Kassidy from Kassidy Voinche: I love watching Kassidy’s videos because she is so sweet! I also love her reviews; they are short and concise, but also really helpful. I like her mashup review style as well!
  • Regan from PeruseProject: Regan is pretty hilarious as well. I really like to watch her videos because while she DOES read YA, she also is fan of adult historical, and she gives a lot of recommendations. She’s a good source for me to branch out from YA!
  • Sophia from The Book Basement: Sophia was actually originally a book blogger as well! I LOVE THIS GIRL. First, she’s Asian. (I’m Asian, so instant connection there.) Also, she’s so smart! I love listening to her talk, she just as really good things to say. And I love her glasses & lipstick. SO ON POINT EVERY TIME.

What About you?

What do you think about Booktube? Do you want to join? Who are some of your favorite Booktubers if you watch them?

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