We Were Liars by E. Lockhart | Review

Publisher: Delacorte Press
Release Date: May 13, 2014
Pages: 240
Source: Netgalley/Random House Children’s
Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Talk about WEIRD.
Pardon me if my review is vague, because, as I’m sure you’ve heard, We Were Liars is best read when you’re going into it blind. I was completely unaware of what the plot was when I started the book, avoiding reviews of this story at all costs. It’s a psychological thriller obviously, and I have to say that this one did not work out in my favor. I was thoroughly disappointed in the end.
From the first couple of pages I could tell from the start that E. Lockhart is a very, very talented writer. Everything was so poetic and beautiful to read, I was just drinking up her words. I fell in love. And for this reason, I thought the rest of the story was going to be amazing as well. I was kind of wrong, to be honest.
The plot is seemingly innocent and simple for the majority of the novel. It follows the story of 4 friends who live on an island with some family disputes here and there. Nothing too out of the blue, really. But from reading these day-to-day lives of these people, I knew that the plot was building up to something huge, some huge mind-eff. Perhaps it was my expectations and the hype surrounding We Were Liars, but by the time the “big reveal” happened, I wasn’t… moved. Sure, I wasn’t expecting that ending and I sure was surprised, but I didn’t care enough about the main character to be like “OHMYGOD WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED SOMEBODY SAVE ME I CANNOT BREATHE.” Instead, I was more like, “Um. Alright. So there’s that.”
As mentioned, my other issue with We Were Liars was my connection with the characters, and more importantly, the main character Cady. In my opinion, there were too many characters in the story that were completely not necessary. I did NOT need to know the names of every. Single. Dog. They. Owned. It made me skim the names and after a while I just lost connection with everyone. I couldn’t focus on reaching out to Cady, because Cady herself was so lost and unclear and just too involved with the other characters.

If you’re curious, by all means pick up We Were Liars. E. Lockhart’s writing style and voice is a treat, but other than that, there’s nothing special about this story. It’s different from what I’ve read before–and it’s short–but go into it with caution for sure. While I am quite disappointed, I’m definitely curious to see how Lockhart writes in different genres. I am not giving up on Lockhart’s work!


One thought on “We Were Liars by E. Lockhart | Review”

  1. There is a LOT of hype surrounding this book and I'm happy I was able to read it before it really started making waves in the blogosphere because I think if I hadn't, I would have been a lot more disappointed. Because this book is so unique, I feel like E. Lockhart had an exact idea of what she wanted to achieve with this book but I didn't get it at all. I still FEEL like I'm missing something because I am just not understanding the excitement about this book. I LOVED the writing but the characters felt pretty one-dimensional and it was hard for me to build a connection with them. Which was probably why the ending – even though it was surprising in a kinda unsurprising way (if that makes any sense?) – didn't affect me much. But apparently it's a lot more interesting when you reread it because then you pick up on all the subtle hints? I don't know, I might give it another shot one day because I'm curious to see if I can pick up on any!

    Lovely review, Jen! xx


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