Fire & Flood by Victoria Scott | Review

Publisher: Scholastic Press
Release Date: February 25, 2014
Pages: 320
Source: Netgalley/Scholastic
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

A survival story, a hot guy, and heartwarming animals all in one? I couldn’t have asked for more from Victoria Scott, author of Fire & Flood.  The story starts off as any other contemporary, but Scott doesn’t hesitate in peaking the reader’s interest from the get-go. From the first couple of pages, I knew this book was going to be interesting, but I didn’t know it was going to be SO fast-paced. Fire & Flood has a near-perfect blend of action, romance, and plot twists.
One of my favorite aspects of Fire & Flood has to be the character relationships. The majority of the story is set out in the wild where they must depend on one another for help and support. Tella, the main protagonist, is clever to make the decision in cooperating with others to survive. The Pandoras, the supernatural animals that accompany the Contenders, are so companionable and the relationship that Tella develops with her Pandora is outrageously heartwarming. My heart grew fond for nearly all of the animals in the story. Scott expertly weaves them into the story so that they become prominent and just as important as the human characters.
There’s also the romantic relationship, of course. Usually in survival stories, the girl falls in love with the guy because of their circumstances: they’re stuck alone and at some point he saves her life, so they might as well canoodle right? Yes, this happens to Tella, but later on in the story their romance becomes very genuine and not just based off of the circumstances, which I liked. And boy, the love interest in this story… *fans self* I want more Guy!
I’ve heard from numerous people that they compared Fire & Flood to The Hunger Games, and I have to agree. However, F&F has its own uniqueness that sets it apart from THG. Plus, there are many unexpected plot twists that are gut-wrenching to the core. The last 50% of the story had me flying through the pages– it’s that intense.

To conclude, Fire & Flood is a must-read for people who love survival stories like The Hunger Games or even Lord of the Flies. This story is full of strong relationships that I can only imagine will become stronger in the following books. If you’re in for some high-paced action, a swoon-worthy romance, and some crazy plot twists, I highly suggest picking up Fire & Flood!


6 thoughts on “Fire & Flood by Victoria Scott | Review”

  1. I've been seeing this everywhere, but I guess now I'll be on the look out for its release. Sounds SO GOOD! And love that the character relationships are strong. Trusting you on this 🙂


  2. I have been hearing all of these amazing reviews for Fire & Flood, so I really want to try and read it soon. I know everybody's been raving about the character and romantic relationships, which is always a plus because on top of an amazing plot (which it sounds like this one has), the characters have to be well done as well. And the fact that it has animals makes it even more interesting. Fantastic review, Jen, glad you liked this one! <33


  3. Awww, how I LOVE animal companions!! The other stuff you mention sounds good too, but really, all I need to hear is that their are heartwarming animal relationships and I'm IN. Thanks for the review, Jen – I'm all of a sudden a lot more interested in this one than I was before!


  4. I'm glad you enjoyed this, Jen! It was a decent read for me overall, but I did have some issues with it here and there. I mostly struggled to connect with Tella, so it did take me a while to get into it. But I really liked the idea of the Pandoras, and I'm glad to hear you were a fan of the romance! Lovely review as always. 🙂


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