Faking Normal by Courtney C. Stevens | Review

Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s Books
Release Date: February 25, 2014
Pages: 336
Source: Edelweiss/HarperCollins
Rating: 5 out of 5

Friends, I have officially found my first favorite of 2014.  That’s correct, Faking Normal by Courtney C. Stevens is a beautiful story that I read during final exams week, and most likely failed the tests by sacrificing my studying time for this book. Not only did I not want to stop reading, but my thoughts were utterly consumed with the raw emotions that are portrayed by the characters, as well as the genuine reality of their lives. Faking Normalis a definite must-read.
Faking Normal is unique in the sense that the romance is so extremely subtle, yet so powerful and profound. I know every reader craves that slow burning romance, and we get exactly that in this story. Scratch that, we get more than just a slow burning romance. We get a perfectly flawed friendship that stems from commonalities in their ever-dark problems that the two characters endure. This friendship sloooooowly, graduallllly develops into this romance that I myself was swooning head-over-heels for, but this time, it’s NOT a guy with “bright green eyes” or “floppy brown hair”. Alexi and Bodee are one of the most realistic romantic characters I’ve ever read. And I loved that.
What else can I say? I love the mystery aspect in this novel– no, not a murder mystery. The mystery of the characters, their pasts, their backgrounds… and even a mystery involving lyrics and love. As the mysteries unraveled, my heart grew more space for the characters as I let them in to pour out their love for one another. Additionally, the plot becomes more and more intriguing as it goes on. This of course, played as a large contributor to why I simply couldn’t put this book down.

My review does  not do this book any justice. There are just no words. I didn’t think Faking Normalwould hit me so hard, but it did. In fact, I think this book is up there among my favorites of ALL TIME. I’m tempted to sit down and read it again, it’s that good. AND THE FEELS, YOU GUYS. THE FEELS. With one of the most realistic storylines and a slow-burning relationship transition from friendship to romance, Faking Normal impressed me to no bounds. As of January 2014, I am now a huge fan of Courtney C. Stevens!


3 thoughts on “Faking Normal by Courtney C. Stevens | Review”

  1. I am so happy that you loved this book! I think I'm going to try and read this book soon because I love the idea of all of the feelings that this book brings you. I love the sound of a romance that's slow and well developed, and also the character development is definitely intriguing me. I also think that the plot and mystery must've been amazing to read, and a compelling plot and mystery is always a must for me when I'm reading books like these. I'm definitely going to check this book out soon, fantastic review, Jen! <33


  2. Beautiful review, Jen! I think I'm gonna put down what I'm reading and read this one now because it sounds really amazing- slow burning romance, realistic characters, mystery, lyrics and love are like everything I could ask for in a book! Excuse me while I go have and experience all the feels for myself now 😉


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