Stacking the Shelves (#18)

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews. It gives us book nerds to share what awesome books we got this week, may it be from the book store, library, mailbox, or from friends!

I’M OFFICIALLY ON BREAK FOR TWO WEEKS. I am so excited. So. Many. BOOKS. This is worth two weeks.
(Click cover to go to Goodreads):
This Song Will Save Your Life Through the Ever Night (Under the Never Sky, #2) The Edge of Always (The Edge of Never, #2) The Book of David #scandal Servants of the Storm Sekret (Sekret, #1) Plus One Broken Hearts, Fences, and Other Things to Mend (Broken Hearts & Revenge, #1) Dead Beautiful (Dead Beautiful, #1) The Summer of Letting Go Pretenders Salt (Salt #1) Such Sweet Sorrow Where You'll Find Me And We Stay We Were Liars Don't Even Think About It The Here and Now

10 thoughts on “Stacking the Shelves (#18)”

  1. Jen you are so lucky with the all the Arcs you received. I am dying to read #Scandal, so can't wait to see how you get on with it. And yay for We Were Liars, doesn't it sound amazing? Happy reading!!


  2. OMG JEN I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I love the excitement that is basically radiating from this post. 😀 😀 Because we finally have it! FREEDOM!

    But, ahem, anyways, I can't tell you how excited I am that you got Through the Ever Night!! There may or may not have been a squeal. 😉 I'm going to be stalking your updates for sure. I actually just finished up This Song Will Save Your Life, and dang, that book was good. Right in the feels. It's going to be a while until I write my review- just because I'm still a little conflicted about some parts- but I loved how relatable it was.

    Also, um, new Sarah Ockler book?! I had no idea!! #Scandal looks so good, but I'm going to wait for your review to see if it's actually any good. 😉 I actually have Sekret on my TBR, and have for a while, but I haven't picked it up yet. It looks really good though, so I'm excited! Also, I just found out about the Ann Brashares book. I know, I know, I live under a rock. (Actually, I live under a pile of homework, but it's the same thing, right?) The Here and Now looks SO GOOD though. I've heard ah-mazing things about We Were Liars, so I hope you love that one!! I read Dead Beautiful a while ago, although I didn't fall in love with it. It was kind of a meh read for me. :/ I hope that you end up enjoying it more than I did though!

    THANK YOU for introducing me to Plus One. This book is basically begging me to read it! I'm going to have to peruse on Edelweiss to see if they have this one up, because this basically sounds like it invented the awesome-sauce.

    Lovely haul, Jen, and I really hope that you have an AWESOME winter break filled with some even awesome-r books! ❤


  3. Holy moly, you got a crapload of books! I got We Were Liars this week too. So far it's pretty good. I am SO jealous about Here and Now. I was denied that one.I heard And We Stay was partly written in verse so I decided against requesting that one.I ended up DNF'ing Sekret which REALLY bummed me out.Still waiting to hear if I got #Scandal, I am really hoping I got it.

    Happy reading!

    Here's my STS:


  4. WOW. There is so much amazingness in this post – I don't know where to start! I guess I should firstly say YAY, a two week break! I hope you have an amazing holiday and get through as many books as you can. 🙂

    This haul is brilliant. Through the Ever Night was a fantastic read for me, so I really hope you enjoy it. I've heard nothing but good things about This Song Will Save Your Life. I still need to pick that one up myself! Sekret, We Were Liars and Servants of the Storm all sound amazing. I can't wait to see what you think of those three in particular.

    And Plus One! I'm super excited about this book. I'm hoping to make it one of my January reads, even though it isn't out for ages yet.

    Happy reading, Jen!


  5. JEN!!! Hi!!!! *waves* Haven't spoken to you in ages – I've missed you <3 And you have a two-week break as well? Yay! Hope you get time to relax and enjoy Christmas and the New Year!

    And all those books look awesome – I haven't actually heard of a few of them so they're new to me 🙂 I've seen This Song Will Save Your Life floating around the blogosphere and it sounds like my sort of read. I love contemporaries and books about self-identity are always interesting, We Were Liars and The Here and Now seem like really great reads too – the covers have caught my eye!

    Anyway, have a lovely winter break, Jen and hope to speak to you soon 🙂 x


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