Tandem by Anna Jarzab | Book Looks

Tandem by Anna Jarzab

My review for Tandem.

What’s your take on this look? 


4 thoughts on “Tandem by Anna Jarzab | Book Looks”

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    Must I say more??

    Because seriously, this outfit is GORGEOUS. Like, amazingly so. I love that the main piece in this ensemble is that gorgeous infinity scarf. It's so… otherworldly. I just love that design, and how it perfectly reflects the design inside the bird!! I have no idea how you managed to find such a perfect fit. That dress also works amazingly well with those shoes. It's like magic.

    Seriously Jen, you have a future in design! Work for publishers, become one of the Tea Time girls, AND fashion design, because you are GOOD. Can you design my outfits for me? xD

    Fantabulous post, Jen! ❤


  2. Ahh, I haven't visited your blog in ages!!! I totally missed this post which is such a shame because I love your book looks!

    This is a perfect look for Tandem! Those shoes are AMAZING. I love oxfords! You got the color scheme down pat. And ditto to Aneeqah's question: can you also design my outfits?


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