Where the Stars Still Shine by Trish Doller | Book Looks

Book Looks - BannerI’ve always loved fashion, so what better to do than to pair books with cute looks? I know that Sash and Em also does a similar feature, InspirYAtion Board, as well as Fashion-By-The-Book. I thought I’d join in on the fun! I’m going to give them credit for inspiring this feature on my blog. All items can be found on Polyvore!

Where the Stars Still Shine

Click on these images below to link to the item on Polyvore:

I absolutely loved this book (check out my review here, 5 out of 5 stars!), so I knew I had to do a Book Look for it! AND PLUS, THE COVER. There’s a green dress on the cover, so I went with the obvious choice. It was difficult finding the perfect green dress that had the right shape. I chose some cute purple flats and wedges for a more dressier look, but I think you can easily pair the dress with tan combat boots and a white denim jacket for a more casual/comfy look, or if you’re wearing this outfit during the fall. And the gold accents in the Chanel purse and gold stud earrings are perfect, and they match the lights on the cover! I would totally wear this outfit to go shopping with friends or even a special day at school or something. What do you guys think of this outfit? Have you read Where the Stars Still Shine? 


5 thoughts on “Where the Stars Still Shine by Trish Doller | Book Looks”

  1. This is such a wonderful idea for a feature, Jen! I adore both reading and fashion so it's the perfect blend of things I find more inspiring in my everyday life. I really love your choice of dress in this edition – It really is the perfect dress to compliment the cover, and I think the darting on the bust would be extremely flattering to most figures 🙂 And how I covet that purse. Chanel isn't typically one of my favourite designers, but I love the delicate gold chain on that bag and the beautiful neutral camel colour.

    I have to ask: Would you be adverse to my doing something similar on Pop! Goes The Reader? (i.e. Creating a look that compliments a book cover or that I think a particular character would wear?) I would never want to step on any toes and won't do so if it makes you at all uncomfortable, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask 🙂


  2. You DID find the perfect green dress, this one is gorgeous. I'd wear everything in this post in a heartbeat. And I agree with Jen here, this is such an amazing and creative idea. I can't wait to read the book…. even more so after this post and your review.


  3. All that hard work paid off because that green dress is gorgeous! The silhouette is so flattering and OMG, I'm drooling over that Chanel purse. And those earrings. And those boots. And really EVERYTHING. You come up with the best looks Jen and pick the best books! How am I going to buy/read everything?


  4. That dress is stunning! I don't think I own many green items of clothing, but I'd snap up that dress without thinking twice about it. And I haven't worn a denim jacket in a while, but I do have a fondness for them. Love the whole outfit! 🙂


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