Questionnaire Tag – Outside Lives!

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Welcome to the last post in this Questionnaire Tag! This has been so so fun, I hope you all enjoyed the tag! Today Vy, Willa, and I decided to talk about our outside lives to further enhance our friendship and our knowledge of each other!

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So that’s me! Who are YOU when you’re not reading or blogging? I’d love to know! Be sure to check out Vy’s Blog and Willa’s Ramblings to see what their outside lives are like. I hope you enjoyed this tag, I had such a fun time making these posts! Thanks Vy, for the brilliant idea and allowing me to take part in this!


12 thoughts on “Questionnaire Tag – Outside Lives!”

  1. I LOVE Spanish too! I'm already bilingual (I speak Tagalog besides English) and Tagalog has Spanish words so it really makes Spanish very easy for me because I'm already familiar with it. I took Calc too when I was a junior (I'm now a senior in high school) and…ehhh idk. Ever since sophomore of my high school I began to hate math b/c of the teacher. I didn't like chem too. It was very confusing for me. Haha I fall asleep in my history class too but I don't hate it. When I'm not blogging/reading I'm either watching t.v., movies on Netflix, doing hw lol ew, babysitting or out with friends. I used to do track & field but I won't join the team this year b/c I know senior year will be HELLLLL.

    Little Book Star


  2. I used to love Math before but it turned I hated it with a burning passion when I entered college. I wish I could take a language course. Although I probably won't be taking Spanish, I'd love to learn Italian or French. And I LOVE shopping! I go crazy shopping clothes and bags! I love F21 and H&M too, as well as Cotton On! I'm not huge on dancing or athletics for that matter but I'm taking Modern Jazz for my PE and I am so frustrated with all the moves. I sadly lack body coordination.


  3. I seriously am in LURVE with these graphics Jen! They're so pretty!

    For some odd reason, I struggle with Spanish. Maybe it's because we've been required to do a lot more speaking tests and stuff, and I don't really try that hard in that class, but I do have some hard times with it. I also learned to speak another language at home, so I don't really understand why I can't grasp Spanish as well. =P I'm good at math (thank goodness!), but I wouldn't particularly say I love doing it. I am taking Pre-Calc this year though, so that should be interesting… I am also taking Chemistry this year, but thank goodness it's not AP. That's for next year. 😉 English is going to be an easier class for me hopefully, especially since I have the same teacher as last year, and he's pretty cool and laid back. History is just an OK subject for me. I'm not sure what I'll think of it this year, though. I've been working on the summer assignment for that one (which is 46 FLIPPING PAGES LONG) and I've been snoozing. =P

    Lol, I'd have trouble coming up with things I do outside of school, reading, and blogging. That's really basically it! 😉 I'm still in awe that you can manage to do dance, blogging, reading, AND such hardcore classes at school. It must be because you are #SUPERJEN. How else would that work out?!

    AWESOME SAUCE post Jen dear! I'm sad that this feature is over!! ❤


  4. I like taking languages too! I'm not great with Chinese yet because I don't speak much of it at home but I'm loving French! Starting out in grade four, it wasn't particularly enjoyable for me but I've really come to like learning a new language.

    Phys Ed is pretty easy for me too. My teacher marks us mostly on effort which is such a relief because I don't have the greatest athletic ability. Dance is not a requirement at my school and because of all the other courses I want to take, I don't think it'll be in my line-up for high school but I would really love to get back into tap! I did a few classes when I was younger and I really enjoyed it!

    SHOPPING!!! I have so many thoughts! I really like H&M too and I do occasionally check in with Forever 21 because they have cute clothes for good prices. But shopping at Forever 21 takes AGES because a lot of the stuff doesn't appeal to me and finding something that I like in that massive store is a lot of work! I love Brandy though! I was never really into crop tops but I like the Brandy ones! And their Luma skirts are the cutest things ever! Their sweaters are also amazing and I desperately need one of their backpacks for the upcoming school year.

    Okay, well I don't want to yak your ear off because I could talk about shopping for DAYS. Sad that the Questionnaire Tag is over but hopefully, you guys will do it again another time?

    Annie 🙂


  5. I'm so jealous that you don't struggle with language class. Language class is the worst class ever for me. -shudders-
    I'm also not very athletic. In fact, I'm not at all flexible. I can't at all reach my toes without bending my legs.It's so embarrassing that even 1st graders can do it. ):
    It's nice learning more about you Jen! :D<3


  6. I do not enjoy history. Sadly my scores don't say that about me. TT ^ TT I don't really have a favorite subject at school because they all bore me. I couldn't care more even if I wanted too! But I consider Marching Band not really a subject but more an activity and that one I absolutely adore. <3 Everyone there is the most amazingest people you can ever meet. When i'm not reading I'm on Tumblr or reading manga online (wait that's still considered reading, right?).

    Haha, but I am glad that you love a lot of your subjects because then school wouldn't be such a lame place if you love the classes you take. :3


  7. Aww this is such a cute post Jen to get to know you better, I knew you loved dancing, so it's great to know it's been an important part of your life for two years. I absolutely love shopping too, there's nothing I enjoy more than shopping at every new place I go too. And of course I have to make sure one of the stores I go to is a book store! Thanks for sharing this fun post with us Jen!


  8. I hated History when I was in school, too, Jen! It just felt like memorization of dates and facts. Completely boring. I'm not into shopping that much. I only buy something when I happen upon it accidentally most of the time, and then I buy it. Those finds are usually the best. I do a lot of online shopping. All my favorite stories have my email and so I end up seeing something I like with a 30% coupon. Dancing sounds like a lot of fun and a good way to stay in shape. Much better than the gym. I must do something. I used to hike a lot and do spin classes all the time, but since blogging seems to eat up a lot time I've fallen out of the routine.

    When I'm not blogging or reading I'm at work. Unfortunately that is full time for me. I barely have time to do anything else besides reading, work, and blogging.


  9. Aww, Jen, I love that you are a math nerd, like me!! I always loved math in school and I was always good at it, too – our minds must work alike. My favourite classes are always dependent on my teacher, too, unfortunately! I mean, that's critical that you have someone that you like and does a great job and makes learning the subject at least semi-enjoyable. I loved history in high school, but I swear it was purely because I had brilliant teachers for all three years! Totally lucked out. I also used to take dance lessons multiple times a week… but I had to stop them when school got in the way, blegh! I miss it so much, but I try to make time for many solo dance sessions to make up for it! Brilliantly pretty graphic, as always!


  10. This is so cute. Love the graphic and all the little tidbits. I was so NOT a math person when I was in school, and I applaud you for Calc. I think I took pre-calc and just about died. So hard for me. I was more of an English girl except for the one year, I excelled at Chemistry, which was so so out of character for me.

    And yay for dancing! I took dance classes for many years too and then was in marching band. 🙂 Sounds like you keep super busy! Which is fantastic. So important to have a lot of different interests in life.


  11. I hated history too!! I'm Canadian and honestly learning about all the wars that took place and the Canadians involvement…*sigh*….don't get me wrong I appreciate the whole men risking their lives for us, but why do we have to learn about it!!?? Boggles my mind. And shopping is a MUST!!! lol ;p I would love to dance, and while I can do the whole free style thing at a party, I don't think competitions would be for me. They would give me anxiety issues! ;p This is such a fun post, Jen! Thanks so much for sharing!

    ~ Maida
    Literary Love Affair


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