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Today is interview day! Me, Vy, and Willa all come up with three questions each to ask each other, and we’ll be answering all of them! There are questions related to books/reading, and some that aren’t! Enjoy, and don’t forget to answer these questions yourself!

What do you want to be when you’re older? Is this related to blogging/reading? If not, why not?

At the moment, I’m actually thinking about going into business, like an accountant or something. I’m good at numbers, so I guess that’s why. The only way that I can imagine it’s related to blogging is the organization factor. I don’t want to go into the publishing industry when I’m older because I like blogging for fun. It would turn into a job, you know?

Do you set aside a specific time each day to read, or do you read whenever you can (in cars, before school starts, etc.)?

Throughout the entire year, I set aside time to read at night right after I shower (which is right before I go to bed). There’s something about going to sleep happy that just makes falling asleep easier.

But during the school year, I usually read ebooks on bus rides to and from school. I don’t read after school until bedtime, so I need to squeeze in every possible minute!

 Are you a snacker while reading? If yes, what’s your choice of food? If no, why not?

I actually can’t snack while I read! I’ve tried before and I’ve found it to be impossibly difficult to focus. It’s especially annoying when I’m reading a physical book and I have to hold the book open with one hand and eat with the other. AND CRUMBS UGH. If I did eat snacks while reading, it would probably be fruit snacks. Fruit snacks = clean.

Who is a character you’ve been able to relate to you that you’ve read about? (Male or female!) Why? And who is one you would like to be like?

Gigi from Smart Girls Get What They Want by Sarah Strohmeyer! I loved this book to death particularly because Gigi IS ME. She’s a hard worker and at the time, I was also taking Chemistry and could totally relate to her struggle. She and her group of friends in general are academical and I just understood them like no other. One character I would like to be like is Todd from The Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness. He’s so freaking brave and I just. I’M A WIMP, OKAY??

What is your favorite blogging memory that you’ve had? What’s one your looking forward to?

My favorite blogging memory was meeting Vy at Cat Winters’ In the Shadow of Blackbirds book signing! It was my first and only (so far) bloggy meetup/author signing, and it was awesome.

I’M SUPER SUPER looking forward to ALA 2015 (the year I graduate high school) because I plan on meeting Vy and Willa and possibly other bloggers there. I’m not sure my parents will let me roadtrip down there, but it WILL happen. I’ll run away from home for a week if I have to. 😉

What kind of music do you like to listen to?

I don’t consider myself a mainstream music listener, but I do like it sometimes because at dance we listen to it. But at home, I love listening to covers of songs, mostly by Boyce Avenue (duh). I also love Alex Goot, Tyler Ward, and Kina Grannis. I cannot for the life of me read WHILE listening to music with lyrics though. Only if it’s classical.

 What book have you not read that you feel as if everyone else has read? Why haven’t you read it yet?

This summer I’ve been pretty good about reading hyped up books (City of Bones, John Green, The 5th Wave)! But there are a couple that I just have not picked up, like Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Legend, Cinder, and Code Name Verity are just a few. I’m just terrified that they won’t live up!

 Are you a TV or movie person? (I want this to be open so you can answer it in any direction you want)

Okay, don’t kill me, but NEITHER. I’m not a big fan of watching TV shows OR watching movies. I don’t feel productive when I do either. But if I really had to pick, probably movies because TV shows can be so addicting and it would be wasting my time. 😛 But if you ask me if I’ve seen/heard of ___ movie, chances are, I’d be like, “Wut.” So, I’m a book person. THERE.

 You are given an all expense paid trip to a destination of your choice for ONE day. Where would you go and what would you do?

LONDON ALL THE WAY. It is my dream to go to England. I feel like deep down, I’m British (I speak in a British accent all the time, my dream guy has to be British, I love British Youtubers/Bloggers, you get the idea). I want to visit The Big Ben of course, but also Platform 9 3/4, etc. I would of course go to Boots and Primark since I’m a fashion kind of gal, too. Meredith from Mere Mai recently went there and I’m drooling at all of her pictures!

So that’s it! I hope y’all had fun reading my answers, but now I’d like to know what YOUR answers are! Don’t forget to check out Vy’s Blog and Willa’s Ramblings!


9 thoughts on “Questionnaire Tag – Interview!”

  1. This questionnaire you guys are doing is so much fun! Your response to snacking while eating made me laugh. I try to eat chips while reading sometimes.. and I say try because I always end up giving up. I worry too much about getting grease stains on the pages lol. But your fruit snacks idea.. that is the perfect solution to my problem! Fruit snacks and/or candy 🙂


  2. Oooo yes to London Jen! I've been there once but it was a while ago (way back in high school, I'm all old now 😉 so I would love to go back again. I was only there 2 days the first time and that's just not enough time to see everything. I'm hoping to go to ALA one of these years too, maybe we'll be able to meet up in 2015!!!!


  3. You must must MUST read Daughter of Smoke and Bone and Code Name Verity. I'm a huge fan of both. 😀 And I totally agree with you about snacking while reading. I can't even drink anything unless it's with a straw. I'm not the best multi-tasker. 😉 I read just before bed too, which usually leads to A LOT of sleepless nights. When it's a good book, I just can't put it down, no matter how early I have to get up the next day! 😀


  4. so you love me then huh Jen? I AM BRITISH. SO COME VISIT ME! 🙂 I read before bed too although its really bad if i'm reading an epicly good book and i want to finish it..basically i hardly get any sleep because i'm always reading. 😉 i LOVE TO SNACK WHEN I READ. but i tend not to because..y'know. i'm already fat as it is..;) great answers and questions! xx


  5. Hey we can run over to London together! LOL. Don't we just wish… That Cat Winters event WAS awesome! And I loved Smart Girls too! LOVED that book! AND I don't really watch TV or movies either! I do have a few shows that my husband and I watch just cause it's like the only thing we can do 'together' and I tend to prefer the sitcoms that are lighter and funnier. I'm tired of the drama and shows that just stress me out. Awesome possum interview!



    Recently, I feel like I've been saying that at the beginning of every comment at your guys' blogs! 😉 But anyways, this was a great interview girl. It's interesting that you want to go into business, that wouldn't have been my first guess. But it does seem like pretty cool field, Also, it's good that you set out a time to read every day. That's something that I really want to try doing this year, since I'm going to be uber busy this year (I got my schedule today and just… *sob*). I am SUPER surprised that you don't snack while reading! My favorite reading chair is right next to a coffee table, so I just put like a bag of chips or something on that and then munch on it while I'm reading, so that solves the whole one-handed problem. And I've become a master at avoiding crumbs. 😉 Can I just say that I LOVE YOU BECAUSE YOU WANT TO BE TODD?! YES! I LOVE the Chaos Walking trilogy to pieces, so it's awesome to find someone who has read (and appreciated) it as much as I did. 😀

    I AM ALSO SUPER EXCITED FOR ALA 2015 BECAUSE WE ALL MADE PLANS TO GOOO! It's gonna be awesome sauce! Willa is going to be picking me up, Vy will pick you up, and well, I guess poor Emily is just going to have to drive herself from Indiana. 😉 But I am seriously so. excited. You better not quit blogging (goodness forbid!) or anything like that before then so that we can actually go, ok girl?

    You seriously do need to pick up Legend and Cinder. I have a feeling you'll really, really enjoy both! And Legend's sequel is even BETTER than the first. Just thinking about it… *clutches heart* I still haven't picked up Code Name Verity yet, even though it's been on my Kindle for over a year. :O We both should make it a point to read that!!

    YAYAY for being neither a movie or TV person! I always feel like the odd one out because I normally have absolutely no idea about actors or anything like that. Most of my knowledge comes from Twitter, haha. xD But I infrequently do watch movies, and normally animated movies at that. 😉

    London sounds SO COOL. I really really really want to go, and my parents just MAY be in the planning stages for a Europe trip during winter break… 😀 😀 It seems awesome. I think I'd rather visit Australia though, that's my dream trip. The Great Barrier Reef? Meeting the real life Marlin? Actually finding Nemo? HECK YES.

    Great post girly! <33

    (Also, after looking at this comment, I think it can be decided that yes, I do have problems with lengthy comments).


  7. LOVE THE INTERVIEW! I'm actually not a snacker while reading either…crumbs are super scary!! I'm a freak when it comes to my hard copies. lol ;p I still have to read Code Name Verity and Cinder too. 😦 I'm hopeless when it comes to catching up to all the hype books. And OMG I am shocked you don't watch TV or movies…you have to at least watch The Vampire Diaries or Supernatural. Those two shows are impossible to resist and a very very very good addiction! lol ;p Thanks for sharing, Jen! Loved your answers! 😀

    ~ Maida
    Literary Love Affair


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