Questionnaire Tag – Bookshelf Tour!

Bookshelf Tour - Bannerimage from We Heart It

Welcome to our first official question! The banner is quite self-explanatory: we’re sharing our bookshelves today! EXCITING.

I’m sure I have the most pitiful bookshelf in the history of book blogger bookshelves. I literally have books & bookshelves scattered all over my house, and ONE shelf in my room that is stationary, so that’s the one shelf that I’ll show you.

My Bookshelf

I have one of those 2 x 4 cubic shelves from Ikea. And yes, that is the only cube that holds my books. The rest are filled with.. stuff. BORING STUFF. I know, sad.

am more of an ebook reader/buyer, so Willa suggested I do a Kindle Bookshelf tour. GENIUS. This does not include my e-ARC books (since they don’t have covers).

Kindle Bookshelf A-D

Kindle Bookshelf E-K

Kindle Bookshelf M-T

Kindle Bookshelf W-W
















*fist pump for ereaders* As you can tell, I CLEARLY have more books on my Kindle than on my physical bookshelf. And the majority of them…. are unread.

What do your bookshelves look like? Much prettier than mine, I’m assuming? SHOW ME. Don’t forget to check out Vy’s Blog and Willa’s Ramblings for their bookshelves!


21 thoughts on “Questionnaire Tag – Bookshelf Tour!”

  1. I can spot so many of my favourite books in your collection! Kindle/e-books are definitely a lot cheaper than paperbacks! I've heard amazing things about books such as Shatter Me and Under the Never Sky but am yet to read them!


  2. I spy loads of amazing books! ;D The first one I saw was Paper Towns (one word for that book: LOVE) and then I saw Unwind… one that is near the top of my tbr shelf! Did you like it?

    Anyway, amazing tour and it was such a fun post! You've inspired me to do one now! 😀


  3. I don't really have a shelf either! Also, I don't have an e-reader but people tell me I should get one because my books are everywhere. It would definitely be convenient to carry all those books!


  4. I used to have stacks of books all over my bedroom: on my nightstand, dresser, on the floor in stacks because I had a very small bookcase. Last year my husband surprised me to our anniversary and ordered a huge bookcase/shelving unit than spans one entire wall of our bedroom. It's huge! But I've already had to go through and get rid of books because the shelves have filled up quickly. This doesn't even count all my e-copies. Let's not even go there…. 🙂


  5. I definitely have more physical copies, but your e-book collection is awesome! I don't know if you've read them yet, but Defiance, Let The Sky Fall, Pivot Point, Obsidian and Under The Never Sky are all amazing. They're some of my favorite books 🙂


  6. Awwww I think your lone bookshelf is cute Jen! I have a ton more books on my e-reader than I do on my shelves too, I just love my Kindle. There will always be something special about holding an actual book in my hand, but I'm obsessed with my e-reader and tend to go a little buying-happy with it. It's just so easy!


  7. Ooh, I spy one of my favourite books of this year, In the Shadow of Blackbirds! Awesome 🙂
    You clearly have a love affair with your ereader, though, which honestly is something I wish I could have. I appreciate the space-saving qualities of the ereader but for some reason I can't get over not holding the books in my hands and stroking the cover like the strange book nerd I am. Although, with an ereader stocked like yours is, I can see where the appeal lies 🙂


  8. I only have one bookshelf in my room and seriously it is so overfull that I definitely should have gone with buying the bigger one, as the rest of my books are scattered all over my room, I do try to buy more e-books, but sometimes I can't resist more books too! Thanks for sharing your photos with us Jen! 🙂


  9. I definitely think I have more ebooks than physical copies. And yes, most of those are unread too. 😉 I've actually run out of shelf space, so I'm having to get rid of/donate a lot of my unread/old books. I'm glad to see that you have physical copies of Unwind, City of Bones and Finnikin though. I loved all of those! Thanks for sharing, Jen. 🙂


  10. Cool, great idea for the questionnaire tag! And don't feel bad about not having many pretty bookshelves all organized. I didn't before I moved and now I especially don't now that I've had to put everything away in boxes. Now, I'm not a big reader of ereaders, but I'm probably going to have to rethink that now that I'm on the move. Maybe I could build up an elibrary like yours! Most of the ebooks I have currently were free, haha.


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