Unbreak My Heart by Melissa Walker | Review

Unbreak My Heart by Melissa WalkerUnbreak My Heart by Melissa Walker

Bloomsbury USA Childrens

May 22, 2012


It’s summer, and everyone needs at least a book or two that will lift them up into the light summery mood that we all love. Unbreak My Heart by Melissa Walker proved to be a perfect beach read. This effortless read takes place on a boat, has an adorable romance, and an endearing character growth. Coming highly recommended from me, Unbreak My Heart is a summer book everyone should pick up.

Clementine starts off her summer on a low-note: she did something mysteriously unforgettable that caused her to lose her best friend– and all friends for that matter. Now, her parents are dragging her onto a boat for the entire summer with her little sister Olive. She’s down in the dumps, but she slowly brightens when she meets another teenage sailor.

This book was just so darn cute! There were quite a few things that I liked about this book: first, the setting! I’ve never read a book that takes place on a boat and on the lake, and this was a really good experience. It felt very beachy and light and just pure bliss! I think Walker really captured the fundamental atmosphere of being on a boat. In addition to the setting, the romance was really great as well. The romance wasn’t insta-lovey; it started off friendly and then it progressed from there, which I love. I think James, the love interest, really helped Clementine as a character grow. This leads me to my next point: Clementine developed into a stronger character in this story. If you know me, you know that I love when characters change positively and end up being dynamic characters by the end. As I mentioned before, Clem starts off on a bad note, and the fact that she was able to forgive herself and learn from James was just heart-lifting and pleasing.

The only little complication I had with Unbreak My Heart was that the “issue” that Clem went through wasn’t revealed until a looong time in the story, and I hate the anticipation– it’s not even in a good way, the waiting. That was a bit annoying, but I can see why Walker did it. This hardly affected my enjoyment for this novel by the end though, so it’s negligible.

So if you’re looking for a beach read that’s spot-on, Unbreak My Heart would be an excellent choice. With a nautical-feel, a heart-warming romance, and steady character development, this one did not disappoint and completely satisfied my summery reading.

rating system 4 out of 5


14 thoughts on “Unbreak My Heart by Melissa Walker | Review”

  1. I finished reading this one a little while ago, and I thought it was a great book for summer as well. The boat setting was so different and fun—I loved that the author branched out a bit in that area.

    And AGH, totally agree about the “big reveal” that came late in the story. It seems like SO MANY contemporary novels do that type of thing, where the character has this terrible thing hanging over her head, and it gets a dramatic reveal later on. It's always so anticlimactic, you know?


  2. While our opinions about this novel clearly differ (I vacillated between awarding this book either one or two stars) I am happy to hear that you enjoyed it 🙂 That's what so wonderful about book blogging – We all bring our own personal experiences to the novels we read that inform our opinion, and two people can read the same book and have wildly different interpretations and feelings on the subject. It certainly keeps things interesting! Lovely review, Jen.


  3. aaaah this seems like the PERFECT summer read!! I'm glad that the setting is set on a boat! I just LOVE the beach so darn much! I'm so in the mood for a cute read, so I realllyy can't wait to read this one! Fantastic Review!


  4. This sounds GREAT! I've been craving the lighter summery reads and this sounds like it fits the bill perfectly! I do get annoyed at waiting for answers too, so that's too bad that bit drags out but it sounds like it's still worth the read!


  5. I totally get what you're saying about anticipation, sometimes I feel like I might give myself an ulcer stressing over the reveal of some issue or secret when I'm reading! Glad that didn't really affect your overall enjoyment of the story for you though and this still ended up being a really cute read:) Sounds like the perfect summer vacation book, wonderful review Jen!


  6. I really liked the setting too and all the boat puns! James was a v cute character and I absolutely loved Clementine's family. I agree about the issue, it hindered the book for me a bit but I liked it overall. 🙂


  7. Sounds like a great summer read! I haven't read any books set on a boat either, so I'm excited to read about that. Plus, it's always a plus when the romance isn't insta-love. Lovely review Jen!


  8. Great review! I think I'd really like this one it sounds adorable and perfect for the summer! I've also never read a book set on a boat either so that's cool. I'd definitely enjoy this one! And now that I know to not expect an answer about this “issue” (already intrigued lol) before the end I won't be annoyed by it. Glad you enjoyed it, chickie!


  9. This sounds like just what I need because the book I just finished was like an anti-beach read. So complicated and dark. Maybe not the best for summer. But this one would be pretty perfect! I also love that kind of character development in books!! Thanks for this review, Jen – very helpful.


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