Tie a Bow on It: June 2013 Wrap-Up

June 2013 Wrap Up

Image from We Heart It

So I’ve always loved monthly wrap posts where bloggers sum up their month with favorite THINGS: books, music, posts, etc. I thought I’d jump in! I don’t know if I’ll do this every single month but I’ll try!

favorite books this month - banner

The Program by Suzanne Young - Polaroid         The Program - Description

Unravel Me by Tahereh Mafi - Polaroid         Unravel Me - Description

The Archived by Victoria Schwab - Polaroid         The Archived - Description

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare - Polaroid         City of Bones - Description

three things that happened this month - banner

  • School let out! This meant that I got TONS AND TONS of more time to read. In fact, I’ve been finishing a book every two days!
  • Books and Other Happy Ever Afters was born! I decided to start solo-blogging again and it’s been amazing. I got a new design after 2 weeks as well, hehe.
  • I went to the beach! It was absolutely amazing and I NEED to go back again this summer. NEED.

three new bloggy discoveries

I discovered some blogs this month that I’ve been obsessed with! In no particular order:

  • Rachel from Rachel Reads: I freaking love this blog because IT’S SO PINK. Just kidding, but it’s a plus. Rachel is like the queen contemporary reader and I love her reviews! She’s also plenty fun to talk to on Twitter. Go check her out!
  • Renae from Respiring Thoughts: GAAAH I’m so in love with this blog, and Renae! She’s literally the fastest reader on the planet, I swear. But that’s not the only awesome thing about her– her reviews are very thorough and fun to read. Plus I love her blog design!
  • Jen from Pop! Goes the Reader: Jen is a new blogger, everyone should go welcome her into the blogosphere! And can we just talk about her blog design.. it’s insanely beautiful. Like, can I haz? I’m totes in love!

music musings - banner

So I’m not the biggest music person, meaning that this music thing will not be a part of this monthly feature thing very often. I pretty much just listen to Spotify all day every day.
Boyce Avenue - Banner

Song List - Banner

three July releases I'm excited for - Banner

three excited releases for July - collage

That’s it! Tell me: what are your favorite reads this month? Anything cool happen to you? (Besides BEA, no need to make me jealous). Discover any new blogs that I NEED to check out? Do I have really bad taste in music…? What are some July releases you are excited about? Let me know!


10 thoughts on “Tie a Bow on It: June 2013 Wrap-Up”

  1. Ahhh I love these wrap up posts, I'm so tempted to do one of my own for my blog! I love that Unravel Me made it to your top reads for last month, there have been so many varied reviews for The Program, that I didn't really know whether I should give it a try or not. Also I'm loving your new blog design! 🙂


  2. Thanks for the shoutout girl! I kind of died of happiness when I saw it. Pink FTW!! I love your wrapup because it's different than a lot of others I see. Also, I love Boyce Avenue! WE ARE SERIOUSLY TWINS.


  3. I've never done a wrap up post like this for my blog but it seem like a good way to sum up everything, especially the bits that's stood out! I'm a new follower to your blog, and I love it. I hope we get to speak bookish things in the future. *waves*


  4. Aaah I so have to read The Archived and Unravel Me! I really enjoyed Shatter Me but it's been SO long that I think I forgot too much–I,d need to reread it first.


  5. Unravel Me was SO GOOD, wasn't it? I mean, I kind of wanted to shake Juliette (HARD) for a lot of it, but she definitely developed more of a backbone towards the end. Poor Adam was non-existent, Warner was kind of attractive/kind of creepy, but Kenji – he stole my heart! I love him <3

    Also, Boyce Avenue ROCKS. I've gotten a chance to see them perform live, and they are phenomenal. It's so soothing to listen to their songs, originals and covers alike, and I'll love them forever!


  6. I love these wrap-up posts! (Totally need to start making one.) I love the way you set up & designed this post Jen! It's really unique & super fun! And, I'm so glad you loved CoB, so we can fangirl about it! 🙂 I'm dying for the release of The Distance Between Us too! Fabulous job on the post Jen!


  7. Very cute graphics, Jen! Your hard work definitely paid off! 😉

    OMG YOU JUST READ CITY OF BONES? So glad to hear you loved it! In my opinion, it's not as great as Clare's Infernal Devices trilogy (like… not even close), but I still liked the first three books a lot. (I've yet to continue the series!)

    And I cannot believe I haven't read The Program, Unravel Me, OR The Archived. I am so ridiculously behind on everything.

    Lovely post, Jen!


  8. LOVE THE NEW THEME JENNNY! And can you share your skills with this photoshop? This looks AMAZING. I totes agree with you on the Program & Unravel Me & City of Bones! (“I ship this book so hard” = <3) And I love the new bloggers thing - it introduced me to some new people! Yay!

    xxwilla ramble ramble ramble


  9. First of all, I just have to thank you again for mentioning me in this month's wrap-up post. I was so touched and I don't think I can properly express how much that meant to me 🙂 Thank you!

    I love your blog's new design. It's immediately eye-catching and beautiful without distracting from the content. Really, really lovely!

    I really love the idea of a monthly wrap-up post, and particularly like the way you set up yours. It was a lot of fun to read through and it's like a virtual scrapbook – Now you'll know what books, music, etc were you favourite in any given month. Very cool 😀


  10. Your graphics in this post are MOST excellent, Jen! Very nice. In fact, the whole set-up of this monthly recap is quite appealing and nice to read – so great job! And hurray for more reading time!! I haven't heard of Boyce Avenue before (I kind of live under a rock when it comes to finding new music), so I'll definitely have to check that out! I'm really curious about those July releases, too!


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