New Blog

Hey everyone!

I’m Jen, a high school teen who just wants to share her love of reading. Some of y’all may know me from A Reading Daydreamer and are wondering, why did you leave? Well, I realized that I really missed blogging on my own blog, so Books and Other Happy Ever Afters was born. So, take a look around! I’m in love with my new baby at the moment; it’s kind of weird being on WordPress, too. If you’ve never met me until now, hi! *waves* Check out my ‘About’ page for more information about me.

If you’ve decided that you like my blog already and would like to see more, follow this blog on Bloglovin’! I’ll be posting reviews of YA books, showcasing new books that I get every week, and just bookish things in general. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Well that’s it for now! Stay tuned for more to come…


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