summer plans: studying abroad, part two!!!

Whew, happy Monday, y’all!

Last week was the first week of spring quarter and it was HECTIC. The cherry blossoms bloomed on campus and it has never attracted more tourists, I swear. As for my sanity, you’d think syllabus week would be relaxing and not stressful yet, but silly me decided to partake in a business case competition (I did the same one last year and got third out of 25 teams), so that’s where my free time has been going. It’s been super fun working with new friends in the business school though, and I’m learning so much throughout the process.

Earlier in the week, I got a pleasant little surprise to kick off the quarter! You may recall from back in February that I posted about my plans to study abroad in Rome this summer, which I’m super excited about (I’m taking a conversational Italian class right now to prepare!). At the time of applications, I had also re-applied to the Britain program I was rejected from last year, and wasn’t really expecting to hear back from them, and even forgot about it.

Lo and behold, I heard back from them this week, and yep – I WAS ACCEPTED! Y’all, there’s no better feeling than failing, working hard to get better, and being successful as a result of working hard. No better feeling.

I happily accepted, which means I’ll be studying not only in Rome this summer, but also London! Of course, I’ll be traveling all over Europe (get HYPED for my travel posts this summer, y’all!!). Time to start saving up 🙄

Photo courtesy of Unsplash – I’m getting so excited to study in the beautiful city of London 😍


Any favorite sites or eats that y’all recommend?

Have a wonderful week!


arizona recap

Hey y’all!

My apologies for breaking my one-post-a-week streak, I was doing so well! Finals stuck up on me and I ran out of time to schedule posts in advance. I’m currently writing to you with a Band-Aid on the bridge of my nose and ice on my forehead – I decided to go swimming in the hotel I’m staying in and swam head-first into the concrete wall 🙈 Hey, you can’t blame me! I had to swim with my eyes closed because I was wearing contact lenses. I learned my lesson there 😪

Today is officially the first day of spring quarter, which means spring break came and went! Over spring break, one of my sorority sisters invited me to go to Arizona with her and of course I said yes, because who doesn’t want to escape the Seattle rain? Here’s a little recap…

Day One

We left Seattle at about 9am and got to Phoenix around noon. My friend’s dad picked us up and we got In-N-Out for lunch (my fav!), and then headed back to the house. I have to say, Arizona’s landscape is super flat and you can see into the distance for miles; it’s so different from the PNW!

My friend has two dogs at her house, and it was definitely a treat to play with them all week. We just kind of relaxed by the pool for the entire day.

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Days 2-4

We headed up to Lake Havasu City to one of the resorts for a couple of days since they have a boat that we could take onto the lake. I had never been on a boat before, and my friend’s dad even let me drive the boat for a bit. I also tried inner-tubing for the first time! Highly recommend one-piece swimsuits when doing that… It was super sunny and even though I didn’t tan as much as I wanted to, it was still an awesome experience.

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THE London Bridge

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Day 5

We headed back to Phoenix and relaxed more by the pool and also decided to go see Beauty and the Beast. It was my first time sitting at a theater with recliner seats – how come no one told me those were a thing until now?!

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Day 6

My friend and I went to go see a jockey/horse-racing event because apparently it’s pretty big in AZ. We only went for 30 minutes though because it was actually pretty slow to watch. That day turned into a Nicholas Sparks movie marathon kind of day (in case you’re curious, we watched Safe Haven and The Best of Me). Then we had some Mexican food for dinner and ended up at a cowboy/bull-riding event! My only knowledge of bull-riding is from watching The Longest Ride, so it was really interesting seeing it with my own eyes. Of course, my friend and I were looking for our Scott Eastwood the entire time 😉

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Day 7

On our last full day spent in Arizona, my friend and I hiked up a little hill next to the neighborhood. It was super rocky but really easy – we spent 15 minutes hiking up, 20 minutes taking photos at the top, and 5 minutes going down (we took a shortcut). After the hike, we went to the Phoenix Zoo for a couple of hours! I hadn’t been to a zoo in ages so it was fun to feel like a kid again.

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That concludes my Arizona recap! Overall, I love the Arizona weather and atmosphere, but it’s a little slow-paced for me, and the weather makes me a lazy, lazy gal. It’s a fantastic place to relax for sure though – see you soon, AZ!

sweet iron waffles

Hello friends!

It’s officially finals week! Absolutely insane – I’ve already completed two out of my three final exams. My last one isn’t until Thursday, so in the meantime, I’ve been studying, of course, but also relaxing and trying out new coffeeshops in Seattle.

Today I wanted to share a new favorite waffle place! I had originally gone to this waffle bar in their downtown location over the summer, but they opened a new location in Capitol Hill and talk about rebranding. Sweet Iron Waffles used to be extremely small and not really eye-catching; their new location is bright, inviting, and much larger.

I went with my good friend Natalie and I ordered a mocha alongside a strawberry and whipped cream waffle. It was absolutely delicious (and they were real, fresh strawberries!)

I loved the vibes in Sweet Iron. It feels like a coffeeshop, but the only downside is that they don’t have WiFi – they did have outlets though!

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I highly recommend Sweet Iron Waffle! The location itself is by 34829 other cute coffee shops in Capitol Hill – I’ll definitely be returning.

Have a great week!


spring green

Happy March!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend – I was studying hard for my two finals that I have on Saturday (eek!), but was able to take a few study breaks in between by grabbing some Molly Moon’s ice cream (helloooo Meyer Lemon!), catching up on Riverdale (obsessed, much?), and re-watching La La Land.

In last week’s post, I mentioned that I did a photoshoot with Alyssa – so here it is! I haven’t done a good ol’ fashion post in awhile, mostly because I haven’t been able to find photographer with a solid DSLR camera. Needless to say, I’m so happy to have found someone in my sorority who also blogs! I’m incredibly grateful for the short time I’ll get to spend with Alyssa before she graduates.

Back to the post: Seattle weather wasn’t really cooperating when we did the shoot, but we made it work. There was a light drizzle (and if you look closely on my outfit, you can definitely see the droplets!), but I think the photos still turned out gorgeous.

For today’s look, I have a casual business casual – that’s the best name I could come up for it, honestly. I love the classic colors: white, a deep navy, and a bright emerald green (St. Patrick’s Day, anyone?). This outfit wouldn’t work for business casual events, but honestly, casual business casual is my daily uniform, so I wanted to share what that looks like for me. You’re put together but still comfortable for sure.


Green top | Banana Republic (old) | similar | similar
Navy puffer vest | American Eagle (old) | similar
White denim | Banana Republic (old) | similar
Booties | BP | similar
Tote bag | Longchamp

Thanks to Alyssa for the beautiful photos!

Enjoy your week, everyone!


the london plane

Hey y’all!

It’s Monday yet again and I can’t believe I’m heading into the second-to-last week of classes for the quarter. Things are starting to pick up again so hopefully I’ll be able to keep up posting on Mondays!

Last weekend I headed to The London Plane with a fellow SK sister and blogger, Alyssa! When I joined the house, I was overjoyed to meet another blogger in the house – and plus, she’s studying graphic design and art history (so cool)! Please do check out her blog and Instagram and give her some love!

I had heard that TLP is one of the most aesthetically pleasing coffee shops in Seattle, so of course I asked Alyssa to join me for a photoshoot there. It was a little misty that day so it was nice to hideout in the beautiful and spacious area! Fair warning though, it’s more of a restaurant than a cafe because we had to wait 30 minutes to get seating on a Saturday at noon-ish.

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If I were to describe The London Plane, I would describe it as Anthropologie meets coffee shop. TLP sells florals, normal (London-inspired) food, and drinks. I ordered the Elm “Nine Swans” drip coffee, and then Alyssa and I shared a toast with hazelnut butter. It’s definitely on the pricier end, but the environment is so beautiful, it’s worth it!


Next time I definitely want to try their fancy food – maybe after I get my paycheck 😉

Have a great week!


*Thanks to Alyssa for taking such beautiful DSLR photos!*